Thurrott: ‘And just like that, Windows Vista rebounds; now it just works’

“And just like that, Windows Vista rebounds. Years of delays, broken promises, and reduced expectations have dogged the Windows product team, which has been portrayed as hapless, indecisive, and unable to ship products. But the recent release of a surprisingly good Vista pre-Release Candidate 1 (pre-RC1) build, combined with internal information about the expected completion today of the actual Vista RC1 build that will ship in early September, suggests that the doomsayers suddenly have a lot less to talk about,” Paul Thurrott writes for WinInfo.

Thurrott writes, “Given the lackluster quality of Vista’s previous pre-release versions, I wasn’t expecting such a sudden turnaround. But Vista build 5536, which Microsoft shipped late Friday, rights most of the past wrongs and offers major performance, compatibility, and fit-and-finish improvements, along with a heaping helping of bug fixes. Suddenly, I can use the phrase ‘it just works’ in tandem with Vista and not burst into sardonic laughter. It’s real this time. And, I have to say, it was quite unexpected.”

Full load here.

MacDailyNews Take: Oh yes, it’s a magical turnaround. Riiight. From “trainwreck” and “driven into the ground” to POOF! “it just works” (that’s Apple’s line, by the way, you tech-schizo troll.) Okay, who didn’t see this one coming from a few trillion miles away?

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  1. This guy does say some cool stuff. I’m annoyed at apple tho, their supposed ‘3 day’ deliever for my new Apple Notebook PC is now on its Tenth day, come on apple!

    Back to the topic at hand:

    There were SO many driver clashes and software legacy issues that MS did actually have to do some work to sort it. They cudnt just say “Meh, we’ll release vista SP1 in 2 to 4 years time to fix them.” PLUS since Apple ripped it outta them at WWDC 06 (kinda overkill on the taunts at the end of it though lol) they have to make it at least 86% as good as Macintosh Operating System Ten… right?

  2. In fact, you do drink Kool Aid!

    a) Wait a minute. The complete RC1 is based on internal information. Not somebody has it in their hand.

    b) In order for it to work right over 50% of the user base has to upgrade their machines either partially or totally. Is MS ggoing to hand out processor and video caard upgrade coupons with that steep $400 price tag?

    c) The obvious bugs have been fixed not the ones making it to the NBC nightly news in one year.

    d) I ain’t buying any off this shit until MacAffee and Symmantec and Zone Alarm, etc…tell us they can’t crack open Vista easier than a roll of Lifesavers. They have been able to do this up to now.

    e) Which of 2000 versions of Vista is done????

    f) The XBOX 360 rev 1 was done too.

    The more I see the way M$ handles themselves, the more I cannot wait until they release Vista. Let the downfall begin!

  3. I’m a big Mac fan, and not a big MS fan, but you know what? Maybe he’s right? Would that be so strange, for MS to have actually irons out the issues with Vista? Is part of being a Mac zealot, the inability to believe that MS will ever release Vista in a useable state?

    Count me out if so, I’m a realist.

  4. The IT pros that defend Windows are the ones who are in fear of losing their jobs. There are plenty of Linux and UNIX IT guys that will just recommend switching all but the Exchange server to Linux and be perfectly happy.

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