Google CEO to help shape Apple’s future

Apple Store“Eric Schmidt, the chief executive of Google, has joined the board of Apple, the dominant force in online music,” Rhys Blakely reports for The Times.

“The move comes as Apple prepares to fight off an assault on the music market by Microsoft and characterises the increasingly complex network of relationships between competitors that is coming to define Silicon Valley,” Blakely reports.

“While Google has surprised some analysts by resisting calls to sell music downloads, it has flagged an intention to compete in video – an area in which Apple’s online music store, iTunes, also operates,” Blakely reports.

“Now, Steve Jobs will be able to draw on Eric Schmidt’s demonstrably formidable foresight. Mr Jobs will also have a hotline into Google’s thinking – particularly useful, since Google, rather like Apple, is a hugely secretive company,” Blakely reports.

“However, signalling the prospect of greater co-operation between the two companies, Steve Jobs, the Apple CEO, said Mr Schmidt would play a key part in shaping the company’s future strategy,” Blakely reports.

“A deeper relationship with Mr Jobs, himself lauded as an industry visionary after the phenomenal success of the iPod, could mean a greater degree of interoperability between Apple and Google products, analysts said. Google, for example, has already developed a search tool that allows users to find songs and links them to sites including iTunes,” Blakely reports. “Further such tie-ups could form part of a grander strategy designed to curtail Microsoft’s expansion into new markets. Microsoft is set to launch Zune, an iPod rival, later this year.”

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First a few pieces of business: “Mr. Jobs, himself lauded as an industry visionary after the phenomenal success of the iPod.” Yeah, and that little thing called Mac, Mr. Blakely. Oh, by the way, Zune is a brick. It’s also vapor. Let’s save the term “rival” for shipping products that have actually proven themselves capable of competing with iPod, not just cannibalizing market share from fellow also-rans, shall we? With Zune, Microsoft cannot win and Apple cannot lose. More on why we can confidently write that statement here.

Now, welcome aboard, Dr. Schmidt!

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  1. I am planning on launching a portable music player within the next year myself. The specs are as follows: play music (in some fashion), proclaim to be better than Apple’s iPod, have an extra feature which isn’t of much interest to the majority of people.

    I will also be offering new software with it which is supposed to work, that being the only requirement I have. Actually working and working well would be a bonus not even worth hoping for.

    My iPod rival has apple quaking in its boots since it has no track record and shows no signs of genuinely being any good or offering a viable alternative.

    I have yet to settle on a stupid name for it.

  2. I just took a dump into a box, anyone want to buy it? It’s gonna crush the iPod.

    Back on topic – I don’t think Jobs is looking ‘worse’ than he did 12 months ago, I just think he looks 12 months older than 12 months ago. Confused? So am I…

    I really hope Google and Apple use their incredible talents to “crush” Micro$oft, and make Steve Ballmer eat his words.

    MW: working. Google and Apple are WORKING together, unlike Micro$oft who like to ’embrace and extinguish’.

  3. So Intel buys Apples Hardware half and Google buys Apples Software/OS half.

    It was fun while it lasted.

    Windows sucks and now my winblows friends will laugh at me when Apple gets cut up into pieces.

    Google and Intel better take good care of the legacy.

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