Apple debuts three new ‘Get a Mac’ ads

Apple has debuted three new ads from the company’s “Get a Mac” campaign:

“Trust Mac” – Windows PC tries disguise in attempt to evade spyware and viruses. Mac doesn’t need to do anything:

“Accident” – Apple’s Mac OS X isn’t just safer than a Windows PC, portable Macs themselves are safer, too:

“Angel/Devil” – Windows PC fights inner demon upon being presented an iPhoto book created on a Mac:

See the ads in clean QuickTime in your choice of sizes via here:

Apple Store

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  1. The next ad they need to do is have PC dress up in Mac’s clothing and have Mac ask why PC is dressed just like him. Then PC would talk about windows Vista coming out and how much it’s like OSX. And then have Mac ask where the rest of the outfit is and have PC turn around and have the entire backside of the outfit missing. heh

    Too easy

  2. Where’s the OS?

    Why don’t Apple show off Mac OS X?

    Why doesn’t Apple show it while it has a chance before VISTA comes out?

    Is Apple afraid to promote Mac OS X? Making too much money fooling PC owners into buying a Mac to run Windows?

    I took a dump in Steve Ballmer’s office john today, I made sure I missed. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  3. What does this mean, I got it form Apple’s site:

    “Plus, since Apple designs and tests the operating system and new hardware at the same time, the company can optimize software and hardware to work well together. That means on such well-designed hardware, that MacBook Pro runs even some Windows software faster than PCs themselves, according to third party results. (They’re able to get these results with beta software from the next version of Mac OS X, Leopard. Apple Computer does not sell or support Microsoft Windows.)”

    Uhhhh…..beta software from Leopard? Is this vitualization methinks?

    And erad the way they have written everything under the GetAMac campaign, more targeted at Microsoft than ever, they are definitely not pulling punches anymore. It’s going to be a good Xmas for Apple.

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