SafariPod launches hand-carved jungle animal iPod stands

A new web site and product brand, SafariPod, has been announced today with the first products offered being a group of six tropical wood jungle animal iPod stands that are hand-carved in Kenya, Africa. No two SafariPod stands are the same, as all are made individually by different native carvers. Each is truly a personal work of art, created just for you.

The first SafariPod products are sixlittle iPod stands for all full-size iPods. Offered are hand-carved figurines of a cheetah, elephant, lion, rhinoceros, hippopotamus, and giraffe. The figurines are carved to meet the Kenya “Good Wood” guidelines for conserving native hardwoods (more info: Consumers Urged to Buy ‘Good Wood’ Carvings). Each figure sells for $99.99.

SafariPod plans to offer a growing line of technology art, all hand carved from native woods by craftsmen in Kenya, Africa. All products will be stocked and shipped from a facility in the United States. And, all web orders from the SafariPod site will be for USA sale, only. Non-USA buyers will purchase their SafariPod items from dealers in their own international areas.

The six iPod stand figurines are available for pre-order for September 8, 2006 shipment here:


  1. What people don’t realise is that these items originally had a mini china pot with small plastic flowers in it where the space for the iPod is and that the company making them changed their marketing plans when the holders didn’t really sell. I know because my grandma had one of these on her mantlepiece

  2. Holy cow this is incredible. Incredible that a company is trying to sell this garbage at $100 and incredible that MDN is posting about this. Wow.

    SafariPod – my advice to you: spend some money on some professional photography and a shiny new ipod…instead of that scratched-up version you currently display. Then once you have some acceptable product shots lower the price by about $90.

    MDN – my advice to you: report news, not trash like this. So it’s a slow news day…we get it. But c’mon maintain some credibility and integrity. This doesn’t come close to qualifying as news.

  3. It looks like somebody’s little animal statues weren’t exactly flying off of the shelf, so they came up with the brilliant solution to cut a chunk out of the side and, “TA-DA”, an instant iPod accessory….

    …that happens to be friggin’ butt-fugly…

    Actually, as little animal statues, they aint’ that bad (if they had their whole body), but as an iPod accessory-caddy, it’s horrendous.

    OOH!!! BRAINSTORM!!! The iPod shoe holder!! All of my old shoes are perfect to use as a soft iPod cradle… and the rubber sole will prevent it from slipping off of your desk or table! Anyone want to place an order?!?! Just $39.95 for one iPod shoe, or $59.95 for two.

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