Apple Computer’s Design Award Winners 2006

The Apple Design Awards is an annual contest, sponsored by Apple, to recognize technical excellence and outstanding achievement on Mac OS X. Winning developers receive valuable prizes, and their winning entries are showcased at WWDC 2006, Macworld 2007, and on the Apple website.

The 2006 edition of WWDC was the biggest ever with 4.230 participants. European attendance was the highest ever also. Among the participants were students who were able to participate in the Student sessions on Sunday, August 6, and the rest of the conference, thanks to a WWDC Scholarship.

In times of Intel processors and Bootcamp many of these European attendees were new to WWDC. During the Apple Design Awards (ADA) ceremony, Europe reaped half of all trophies in a total of 8 categories. In addition, Europe supplied half of all ADA runner-ups.

Best Mac OS X Developer Tool
Winner: TextMate 1.5.2 —
Runner-up: F-Script 1.3.3 —

Best Use of Mac OS X Graphics
Winner: modo 201 —
Runner-up: Unity 1.5 —

Best Mac OS X Dashboard Widget
Winner: iClip lite 2.0 —
Runner-up: WeatherBug Local Weather Widget —

Best Mac OS X Automator Workflow
Winner: Build Real Estate Catalog/Ultimate Productivity Action Pack 1.0 —
Runner-up: Lecture Recording Workflow 1.2 —

Best Mac OS X User Experience
Winner: iSale 3.1 —
Runner-up: Boinx FotoMagico 1.7 —

Best Mac OS X Game
Winner: The Sims 2, 1.0 Rev E —
Runner-up: WingNuts 2: Raina’s Revenge 1.0 —

Best Mac OS X Scientific Computing Solution
Winner: EnzymeX 3.1 —
Runner-up: FuzzMeasure Pro 2.0.2 —

Best Mac OS X Student Product
Winner: Lineform 1.1 —
Runner-up: PhotoPresenter 2.5.5 —

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  1. I have to dissagree on iSale. iSale has such potential, but also has little flaws that make it very frustrating.

    First the spots for images in the templates can’t change size or shape. Their shape doesn’t conform to 35mm’s 3:2 size or average digicam 4:3 size. Your stuck with what iSale programers think, what ever that was.

    Second, there is no way to put things on eBay Motors.

    Third is that when it does upload photos to .mac, it names the pics in a propritary manor, This makes it difficult to take pictures off of .mac because it does’t ever do that for you. Also, if an item did sell and you relist it, it puts the same pictures on .mac again under a new name (something like 0012348583452.jpg) and reuploads instead of using the previous uploaded photos. Thus doubling the space taken up by the auction on your .mac account.

    Other than that, it is a pretty slick program. It would be nice if it told you that there were questions about an item too, but it doesn’t.

  2. I clicked on and got the following message from my company’s site filter:

    “Your organization’s Internet use policy restricts access to this web page at this time. Reason: The Websense category ‘Sex’ is filtered.”

    Just what kind of “Student Product” is this, anyway? ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”LOL” style=”border:0;” />

  3. Thorin, for most MDN readers the info is as valuable today as it was a week ago. For those of use who caught the news when it first broke, it has far less value today. Just saying…

    Either way, check out those links. There are some nice apps, here.

    Btw, Wingnuts 2 is great! It really is worth the purchase price, IMO!

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