Spymac announces ‘Move It’ resources for Windows to Mac switchers

Spymac announced today “Move It,” a resource for consumers interested in switching from Windows to Macintosh. The new Spymac online service at http://spymac.com/moveit/, lets users ask, learn, blog and connect with other Spymac users to help them through the Windows to Mac switching process.

Built on a solid Unix foundation, the Mac operating system is more stable and secure than Windows, which is plagued by viruses, spyware, system crashes, and security flaws. The Macintosh is also well-known for its innovative design and ease-of-use, and it is the preferred platform for artists, graphical designers, photographers, and musicians. With a new chain of retail stores where consumers can buy the hot-selling iPod and a new line of Mac computers with Intel processors for both Windows and Mac applications, Apple’s new Macs are catching the attention of more and more Windows users, who want to know about making the switch.

Spymac’s Move It service makes moving to a Mac easy, with forums for asking questions, educational wikis, and blogs with experiences and knowledge from other switchers. If you’re a new Mac user or are thinking about making the switch, Spymac is the place for you.

Wondering how to move your email from your PC to your new Mac? Need help figuring out what software you need? Spymac is home to a large, active community that’s always willing to help new switchers. After submitting your question, your plea for help will be shown to over a million members spread throughout more than 150 countries. The answer is out there, and Spymac will help you find it! To view all questions from switchers, visit the Spymac Forums at http://www.spymac.com/forums/index.php?catid=33.

A wiki is a site that allows anyone to quickly and easily add, remove, and edit content. Spymac maintains a Switch Wiki http://www.spymac.com/wiki/mediawiki/index.php/Main_Page, powered by its community and guests to the site. Registration is not required, so experienced switchers can help others out by privately contributing their knowledge.

The new Spymac online service is here: http://spymac.com/moveit/


  1. Same here – not likely a place my father will want to visit once he plunks down the couple thou for a new 20-inch iMac and all the accoutremonts (backup HD, new mouse, software, etc.). Too bad for the name and the negative association it can have to former pc users with spyware, etc…

    Oh, wait – yes – you did read that correctly – my dad, who will be 71 in just a few days, is finally going to replace his outdated, slow, bud-ridden 486 PENTIUM III (running Win98) with an APPLE iMac!!! Hallelujah!!! (Mom will be pretty happy, too…) I’ve only been working on him for about 5 years now…I think he’s finally seen the writing on the wall. I’m pretty confident I can meet the challenge of what will likely be regular “tech-support” phone calls from both of them, too. It’ll probably just be them figuring out that the 23 steps they took to do something on the old pc will only need 4 or 5 steps now – especially with the photos they have and the email they send. What a happy day!

  2. Okay, “bug-ridden” ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

    Though that little typo is a worthy play on words – the P-III should have been pushing up flowers in a landfill somewhere way before now. I’m just shocked it has lasted this long. I could have tried to sabotage it (wouldn’t have been all that difficult) but before now he would have just up and replaced it with another pc – I had to bide my time and keep niggling here and there.

    MW – steps – as in – little steps got me up the mountain and to the goal!

  3. Why would anyone wish to visit a site that is falling off the place of the planet to ask the non existent members a question regarding the Mac? Looks like another piece of self promoting propaganda written by the staff themselve who build their castles in the sky.

    Check out the stats for spymac on Alexa.com and make up your own mind.

  4. I’ve never figured out what, exactly, Spymac is supposed to be. I remember they used to be a rumor site, thus the name. After the infamous “iWalk” hoax, they drifted away from the rumor biz and started offering services for Mac users, but kept the name. So what they hell do they want to be, anyway?

  5. I am glad they did this.

    Spymac used to be one of the best communities on the web. But the development issues and some of the policy changes sunk the place. A shame, but I like the folks behind it and hope they turn it around.

    MDN could learn a lot from Spymac. Ya simply gotta stay focused on your cutsomers/readers. And for MDN, that means cutting the number of ads in half.

  6. SpyMac started as a kind of wannabe rumor site, hence the name. It had a funny spin on things. A bit juvenile, but okay.

    At some point, they had a major site redesign and turned it into one of the ugliest sites you’ll ever see! Horrible graphics, huge and hideous icons… just awful. That’s when I stopped visiting.

    I just checked and it looks passable now…. still juvenile. If they manage to lure a few switchers and give them some help in the MacUniverse, great. The friendly Mac community is a huge factor for Mac users and rarely discussed in the press.

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