Apple Computer tops PC satisfaction study

Tom Krazit reports for CNET News in an article headlined, “PC users can’t get no satisfaction,” seemingly to obscure the real fact that Apple Computer led the pack among computer individual vendors with a rating of 83. Obviously, Apple Mac users can get satisfaction.

“A study released Tuesday by the University of Michigan shows that overall satisfaction increased by 4.1 percent on Michigan’s American Customer Satisfaction Index to a rating of 77, the highest achieved by the industry since 1994. But customers still rate PCs lower than several other consumer product categories, including cars and appliances,” Krazit reports.

Krazit reports, “Apple Computer led the pack among computer individual vendors with a rating of 83, a 2.5 percent improvement over last year’s score. Dell, under siege all year for its customer service problems, rebounded from 2005, improving its score by 5.4 percent to 78… The ACSI measured consumer opinion during the second quarter, when Dell was just starting to roll out new programs designed to improve its support, and it will be interesting to see if the moves pay off in next year’s results, he said.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “NeverFade” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Take: Dell’s customers’ standards must be really low.

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  1. typical CNET. It’s truly an organization whose time has passed, whose relevance is diminished and whose purpose has been sullied by insipidity. Anybody see the “magazine” they just mailed out? They list MP3 players and barely mention the iPod. When they do it’s in a desultory way. Too bad…Brian Cooley is actually a very smart guy…and there was a time in the early 90’s when they did some very progressive things. Now they are just a pain.

    MW=Except…As in Anybody except CNET

  2. Here’s a story: Over the weekend, I used fink to install on my Mac GNU g77 (Fortran compiler – don’t laugh, I’m working with some JPL planetary ephemeris data which is written by Fortran programs), plotutils (handy XWindows plotting and diff.eq. solver), and tcl-tk (GUI scripting language which also runs through X11, which I’ve wanted since we used it in my last job). All work fine, and all FOR FREE. With the Mac I have everything I want all in one box – every kind of language compiler plus XWindows, so I can easily port code I’ve written in work to home usually with no change at all; plus all the productivity software I need (MS Office, Photoshop, etc.) and video/DVD editing that’s unrivaled. How’s that for satisfaction?

    Magic word: couldnt, as in “I couldn’t do all this on a PC, and damn sure not for free!”

  3. university of michagan can call it best satisfaction but tehy still suck.

    ninety percent THAT would be something.

    to get 80 or 70 whats the difference, may as well have what most people use: WINDOWS

    rating a computer nobody uses doesnt make sense, where will you get help when your mac gets a virus?

    ok no viruses–yet–u just wait someday there will be one.

    list me 5 things my dell cant do–i am VERY satfisified with windows, everyone is.

    and dont tell me run mac osx, because your mac cant run windows either, unless you install windows.

  4. My siginificant other just graduated from a nine-week skating program for beginners at the local ice center. I taped her “recital” with a Panasonic video camera and transferred the entire program into iMovie when I got home that evening.

    The next morning I modified a few items within iM and transferred the resultant four component parts into iDVD, incorporating one of the themes that ship with that fantastic program.

    This past weekend about 20 people came onto our boat at a nearby marina to see “The Recital,” and every one of them–without exception–asked what production company/software I used to put the finished product together. “Who DID all that?” “You? Really?” “Did it take a long time?” “Was it awfully hard to do?”

    My answer to one and all, was . . . “Took no time at all with iLife and my Mac.”

    Once the DVD finished playing, almost half of the “audience” stayed behind to get more information about OS X, the MacBook Pro, Boot Camp, Parallels, etc. All it takes is for someone to show the great unwashed PeeCee crowd what they’ve missing, and they’re sold!

  5. Oh, gawd. 7up just got out of his morning kindergarten class again.

    Did you get your milk and cookies today, 7? Hope you didn’t soil your diaper as badly as you did last Friday.

    Man, what a mess. Just wait, 7: Some day you’ll be able to control your sphincter. Meanwhile, keep waiting for that OS X virus, OK? (Hold on, I’ve got a better idea. HOLD YOUR BREATH UNTIL IT COMES, OK? That would solve EVERYONE’S problems!)

  6. “list me 5 things my dell cant do–i am VERY satfisified with windows, everyone is.”

    1. Be connected to the internet without virus protection and remain safe.

    2. Run OSX.

    3. Run iLife apps.

    4. Your Dell can’t “just work.”

    5. Your Dell can’t look as good as a Mac.

    There are plenty more, those five just sprang to mind.

  7. CNET is a paid arm of M$ and TIME Magazine is a paid arm of Apple.

    Why does Apple and Jobs get TIME covers? Apple advertises boat-loads in TIME that’s why, while CNET has M$ dollars all over the place.

    Do the math.

    Objective journalism? Please. Unfortunately, that time too has passed.

  8. I know something your Dell can’t do, 7up! It can’t go a whole quarter without having its hard drive wiped and reformatted with the lastest buttload of XP and its bloated patches! How many of these little add-ons did my office mates have to download this past week from the MonkeySoft site? Nine, I think–and all of them absolutely “critical”!

    You pathetic, stupid little boy. (By the way, does your Dell have a spell-checker on it anywhere? For the love of Pete, either get one or learn to type and proofread, OK?)

  9. Good stories, Rheinhard and Vinita Boy. Anything done with iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD, Pages, or Keynote always knocks the socks off the average Windoze schlep. The Windoze diehards try to find a reason to not own a Mac, and now with the current price comparisons, there is none. Unless maybe you need to run AutoCAD at home and sure there are just TONS of those people out there, right?

  10. The problems with reading too fast!
    My siginificant other just graduated from a nine-week skating program for beginners at the local ice center. I taped her “recital” with a Panasonic video camera….
    Vinita Boy
    I read that as “Rectum”, and since there was nothing in the rest of the post about doing the dirty doo, I was forced to re-read it!
    Outside of that, I’m pretty sure you can produce “Butt-Porn” easier on a Mac, than a Dell!
    First… to Use “Butt Porn” on these posts!:p

  11. Want to know something a Dell can’t do…?

    Nothing fancy of course so let’s keep it simple…just run it for a couple of days without it cranking down to a miserable, slow, slowerrr shuddering stop.

    OSX? Runs just fine for a month without even needing a reboot. In fact I know an eMac that hasn’t been rebooted for about 6 months.

    A Dell running Windows my friend is a joke in comparison to a Mac running OSX. And that’s a FACT.

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