The best Mac OS X FTP clients

Michael Marmarou pits Mac OS X FTP clients against each other and comes out with a “Top 5” list of the best of the best:

Marmarou’s Top Five Mac OS X FTP Clients:
1. Transmit
2. Interarchy
3. Cyberduck
4. Yummy FTP
5. Fetch

Marmarou notes, “Although the Top 5 is in order of rating, any one of these apps would be a great FTP application for most users. Each has their strong points and weaknesses.”

Marmarou also looks at the following FTP clients:
• CaptainFTP
• RBrowser
• SimpleFTP
• Fugu and Son of Fugu
• CuteFTP
• BulletProof FTP
• ecxFTP
• OneButton FTP

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Which one do we use? Just like Marmarou (stated in full article), we use the free and very capable Cyberduck.

MacDailyNews Note: (added: 12:51pm EDT): With the Cyberduck Widget, just F11 to Exposé, grab your file(s), then F12 to invoke Dashboard and drop said files onto Cyberduck Widget (you need to configure the Widget with your specific FTP info first, of course).


  1. Gave up on CyberDuck after it refused to upload 1 folder. instead it forced me to upload the whole website. deleting folder also proved wonky. Thus, as much as I like “free’ I’ll pony up for Transmit. Too bad Interarchy became bloated with extras…

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