Waiting for Leopard? Dash Clipping already available now for Mac OS X Tiger

Dash Clipping is a universal widget tool that allows you to turn any part of any web page into a Dashboard widget with a couple of clicks.

If this sounds familiar it’s because it’s a shameless rip-off of the new Web Clipping tool that’s due in Leopard and that I knocked together over the last 24 hours. If you watch the video on that page (and the keynote) carefully, you’ll realise all Apple’s doing is loading the whole web page but only showing part of it. There’s nothing clever about what they’re doing, and there’s nothing clever about my version either, though I did have to write part of it in Cocoa to get in working (you can almost do it with just an IFRAME, but not quite). – Utsire’s Graham Parks (Shrook developer).

More info and download link here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Note: Tested – it works. We do wish it could update more often than once per hour. Grab anywhere within the web page image to scroll around to position it as desired within it in the Widget’s frame. Grab the borders of the Widget to position on Dashboard as usual.


  1. it would be better if I could actually navigate a website inside of it.. i wanted to set it up for a private messages that i get on a message board.. it would be great to be able to read them inside the widget.

  2. OK, this is seriously OLD stuff!

    Don’t know where I saw it first, but I tried it and it works. Drag your URL to the Dock between the wastebasket and the line, you get an @-button. Click the @-button and Safari activates and brings up your site. No Widget crowding your Desktop-overlay and sucking memory along with a certain amount of CPU.

    Yes, this is “new” and “cute” and “easy” and a waste of system resources! Heck, Widgets are all of the above all by themselves! You need an extra GB of RAM and a couple extra inches of screen size just to hold the ones you can’t resist. Resist them! What are we, children?

    MW: learned … apparently we haven’t

  3. There’s nothing clever about what they’re doing…


    Sure there is. Just because it’s not complicated, doesn’t mean its not clever. It’s an easy way to turn a portion of a web page into a widget for easy access.. Sometimes simplicity is best.

  4. I would have been more impressed if I had not read the MacRumorsLive transcript.

    When I read about it, I thought you could command-click on an element or group of elements and create a widget out of those elements. After watching the keynote, I realised just how basic this was.

    1) Easy widget creator for end-users, yes.
    2) Good idea, easily implemented, yes.
    3) Efficient and optimized, we’ll see.

    I see it taking up more resources than necessary.

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