Microsoft pulls plug on Virtual PC for Mac

“Microsoft is putting a halt to a version of its Virtual PC software for Intel-based Macs,” Ina Fried reports for CNET News. “The move comes after start-up Parallels introduced its own virtualization software for running Windows on a Mac, and VMware said Monday it plans to provide a beta version of Mac virtualization software later this year.”

“Apple also has its Boot Camp software, still in a beta testing version. Boot Camp allows Intel-based Macs to run either Windows or the Mac OS, but not both simultaneously,” Fried reports. “In a statement on Monday, Microsoft said it ‘has made the decision not to move forward with a Universal version of Virtual PC at this time,'” Fried reports.

“‘The (Macintosh business unit) still recognizes that customers need access to Windows applications from their Intel-based Macs and feels confident that alternative solutions offered by Apple and other vendors, combined with a fully packaged retail copy of Windows will satisfy this need,’ the company said,” Fried reports. “Microsoft is moving ahead with its effort to bring a native version of Office to Intel-based Macs. It said that tens of millions of lines of code have been transitioned, but did not say when the product would be ready.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Why even bother with the announcement? Look up “foregone conclusion” in the dictionary and you see the headline “Virtual PC discontinued for Mac.” Jobs, how we’d love to find out that one of those “top secret” parts of Leopard allowed for running the odd Windows app without paying Microsoft a penny for Windows. Ah, we can dream, right? Well, we’re patient; we can wait for people to get their first Macs, tote over they “Windows Insecurity Blankets,” discover Mac OS X and the great Mac-only apps, and then realize they don’t need or want to run Windows like the rest of us.

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  1. Since MS bought VPC some time ago, we all knew that this was coming sooner or later. Swallow and make it dissapear… that’s what MS is good at. Why even pretend? They didn’t even have to do much with VPC 7, they just changed the logo.

    Good riddance.

  2. That’s a shock.

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    In other stunning news, MS Vista has now been renamed The View. It will feature four incredibly annoying female software wizards that will monitor your every move and offer inane advice and useless productivity tips. They are not virus-free but periodic service packs will eventually sterilize your system.

  3. Hardly a surprise.

    However, this means less competition for virtualization on the Mac. On the PC (Win/Linux) side, VMWare Server and the basic Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 are free. FREE!

    On the Mac side we fortunately at least have Parallels to challenge VMWare and keep each other’s prices low and features fresh, but it would’ve been nice to have Microsoft on hand as a threat to both (laughable as it would be).

  4. Another series of kicks to Microsoft’s finachial balls

    If your giving Redmond money, your contributing to the problem.


    And start becoming part of the solution.

    Use OpenOffice and Aqua NeoOffice J and sending a copy of these free programs to Windows users with your files. It’s cross platform and it kicks the Redmond Disease right out of your system.

    Don’t use WMP or that “Flip for Mac” either, support Apple and QT by visiting sites with Safari.
    Log’s are kept and the more who can’t see the content the more web designers will comply and use QT.

    Starve Microsoft and it will die.

  5. I find that it is great news that Microsoft has seen the light, that their software is really second rate as compared to the newer, better virtualization programs out there. Therefore, they are killing it rather than keeping it around hoping that people will want to use a subpar software when they could get something so much better. (see where I’m going with this?) Next: Microsoft retires Vista for the same reason.

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