Gartner analyst: It’s a ‘distinct possibility’ that Mac OS X Leopard will ship before Windows Vista

“[Apple] CEO Steve Jobs, speaking to thousands of engineers at the company’s Worldwide Developer Conference, showed off Intel-based Macs for professional users and servers for businesses. They replace the last Apple machines to run PowerPC chips built by IBM Corp. and Freescale Semiconductor Inc.,” May Wong reports for The Associated Press.

Wong reports, “Jobs also previewed the upcoming Mac OS X release, dubbed ‘Leopard,’ taking a few swipes at rival Microsoft Corp. and its much-delayed Windows Vista operating system. Since Windows XP was launched in 2001, Apple has released five major updates to Mac OS X. Leopard is expected in spring 2007. ‘Our friends in Redmond, they spend over $5 billion in R&D, but these days they just try to copy Google and Apple,’ Jobs said. ‘So I guess it’s a good example of how money isn’t everything.'”

“The products come as Apple says it is making progress in gaining new Macintosh customers — more than 50 percent of Mac buyers from Apple’s retail stores last quarter were new to the platform, Jobs said,” Wong reports. “Many analysts expect the entire lineup of Macs, which use the same chips as its Windows-based PC rivals, will boost Apple’s overall computer market share in the United States. For years, it has been less than 5 percent.”

“Analysts said Monday doubts surrounding Microsoft’s ability to release Vista by its latest target date of January could further help Apple as the Mac maker is expected to ramp up its marketing campaign for the holidays. Its current ads already attack Windows as riddled with security problems while lacking Apple’s easy-to-use multimedia applications,” Wong reports. ” Van Baker, an analyst at Gartner Inc. said there’s “a distinct possibility” that Leopard now will even come out ahead of Vista. ‘Apple is firing on all cylinders and they are executing on everything they say they will do, which is in stark contrast to its Redmond rival,’ Baker said.”

Wong reports, “Added Gartner analyst Mike McGuire: ‘Apple has built in a future demand for its product and they can also say, ‘By the way, we have all this functionality now that you can’t get with Windows.” The look-and-feel of Vista and some of its features are indeed similar to ones that already exist in the latest version of Mac OS X, also known as Tiger, which was released a year ago and upgraded in January to work on Intel-based machines. Apple made it clear Monday it aims to stay ahead of the innovation curve with Leopard… Jobs told his enthusiastic audience Monday that many other features are planned but will remain ‘top secret’ for now. ‘We don’t want (Microsoft) to start their photocopiers,’ he said.”

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  1. MacSuck,

    Hey, even you stupid inbred MICROSOFT dorks must’ve figured out by now that we superior APPLE users are conducting an organized campane today to crush your gay non-news. It’s working too, symbionts- the press is reporting that VISTA is delayed- bwa-ha-haaahhhh!

    Notes and To Do’s in Mail– Ooooooohhh, how squishy-crunchy tree-hugging pathetic and queer.

    MICROSOFT will be out of business in one year.


  2. MacSuck is no Porsche owner!

    May be a Yaris-Yawnner owner.

    But Windows users are not known to care about quality as they return each new revision of the same problematic software.
    I could not compare Windows with a Porsche (ask Porsche if they would like to be compared to the automotive equal of Windows-you may just some serious words as you are thrown out or sued!)

    Now we can say that Apple is equal to BMW as BMW or Porsche-I believe-would say, yes, we can be considered the automotive versions of Apple….

    What did GM say when Microsoft wanted to install the OS into their cars?

    If our cars worked like Windows, it would be lucky if it started in the morning.

    No, Windows is for the quality deprived and Apple is for those who care about quality, design, and reliable safe environment.

    Just a thought!

  3. Yes, Ampar worshipper. Apple sucks. Sucks the wind right out of the sails of bloated, unimaginative CEOs that think they can innovate. Maybe Vista can be packaged with recycled chair splinters.

  4. The FACT of the matter is, MonkeySoftFanBoys, that OS X 10.5 is the FIFTH iteration of a stable, vetted operating system that has YET to see one piece of malware in the real world.

    Vista is completely untried, untested, and unknown in the “real IT” world. Nobody is his or her right mind would come within a mile of this OS until the second, perhaps even THIRD, Service Pack is released for it.

    Tell me this, MSFB: Would you bet your job on Vista next year (Ha!) in its initial release to the great unwashed Windows world? If so, I have some swamp land in Louisiana I’d love to sell you.

    Naivete, thy name is MSFB!

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