Apple initiates worldwide 15-inch MacBook Pro battery exchange program

Apple has initiated a worldwide battery exchange program for certain rechargeable batteries that were sold for use with 15-inch MacBook Pro computer systems from February 2006 through May 2006:

We recently discovered that some 15-inch MacBook Pro batteries supplied to Apple do not meet our high standards for battery performance. To give our users the best experience possible, we will replace these batteries for customers free of charge.

Note: The affected batteries do not pose a safety risk. You may continue to use your current battery until a replacement arrives.

The affected batteries have model number A1175 and a 12-digit serial number that ends with U7SA, U7SB or U7SC. To view the model and serial numbers located on the bottom of the battery, you must remove the battery from the computer. The battery serial number is located above the barcode. See photos below. Only batteries within the noted serial number ranges need to be exchanged.

No other MacBook Pro or MacBook batteries are part of this program.

More info  here.


  1. Our investigations showed that components from recalled battery from Apple end up in Dell batteries as part of their $49 service pack.

    A Dell source, which does not wish to be identified, told us “Apple’s quality is second to none. Even their recalled parts is what best we could offer to our customer. It is a statement to our attention to quality and the care we put in our business. We are sure we are going to then solve the self igniting laptops this way while saving stakeholders money on further inconsequential R&D”

  2. The site didn’t work for my battery. Said my MBP didn’t qualify and my battery serial number was invalid. However, after 40 minutes on the phone with Apple my battery is on it’s way.

  3. Actually I was about to take mine back to an Apple store when I read about this. I noticed that my battery wasn’t fitting properly anymore, and if I moved my MacBook too quickly it would just shut off. Plugging it in would show a battery charge of ZERO, even though it was at 100% a few minutes earlier. I got tired of that and decided to switch it out for my extra battery. To my surprise the battery’s casing is completely warped and one corner is popping up exposing the interiors. If I pulled on it I could easily pop it open entirely.

    Kinda scary.

  4. John Hill: That’s old news. Get your battery replaced under warranty.

    Had no problems using Apple’s online replacement order form. My replacement battery should be on it’s way soon.

  5. My battery qualifies for an exchange, but it seems to be working pretty well. I am worried that I will exchange and get something worse. But, hey, worried or not I went ahead and went for the exchange anyway. I hope I have time to see that the new battery has a longer life than the current one before I have to send the old one back.

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