Free Avery Mac Label Expert software now available

Whether you need to perform a mail merge or create labels for CD’s and DVD’s, the Avery Mac Label Expert is the essential desktop tool for all your labelling needs.

The quick and easy-to-use Avery Mac Label Expert is an efficient and innovative software tool that can be downloaded directly to your Apple Mac. Suitable for small or large businesses and homeworkers, the software guides you through a series of simple steps for formatting and printing onto all Avery printable products, including Addressing and Identification labels, Business Cards, IndexMaker Printable Dividers and CD and DVD labelling.

Stuart McIntyre, assistant product manager, Avery commented in the press release: “We are always looking at providing our customers with new and innovative ways to use our products. By creating free software for Mac users, we are building on the Mac solutions that we already provide today. I am sure this product will prove to be very popular.”

Avery Mac Label Expert features include a brand new user interface, templates for all Avery printable products, support for both printer fonts and Macintosh fonts. Mac users can therefore, create fantastic printable projects direct from their AppleMac including mail merge from Excel, Word, ClarisWorks, FileMaker and AppleWorks.

By clicking on the Avery Mac Label Expert, users can select their desired Avery product template, add their own text and graphics, type on the template manually and format the text. Not only that, you can preview your project and then print it out.

More info and download link for Avery Mac Label Expert here.


  1. How nice of Avery! I used to use the original Avery Label Pro in the System 7 days, and then Avery felt us Mac users were no longer important. They dropped me like a bad prom date. I recall once writing them to ask where the support for their program had gone, and they replied with the suggestion that I should switch to Windows.

    Now they’re back, which may be a sign of Apple’s resurgent popularity. But I’m still more than a little bitter. A fair weather friend is what Avery is to me. And don’t get me started on how expensive their labels are. I guess it’s time to grab my ankles again.

  2. I’ve been using the Avery Label Wizard for Mac for about two weeks now and I find it very useful for printing odd one off addresses when I’m in a hurry to get to my local snail mail office before they close, etc.

    Although the wizard is good at performing higher volume printing of often used addresses, I have Word for Mac set up using the same code provided by Avery to then display a template with all the columns and formatting in place for the more used addresses.

    In a similar strain if you’re looking to print off your own business cards I would NOT recommend using Avery Label Wizard and instead recommend using Belight Software’s “Business Card Composer” – this will also utelize the Avery coding to ensure your creation fits neatly in place, cutting out all that fiddly formatting as that is now firmly in the past!

  3. For Question & Mikal in NYC:

    I thought I’d clarify a bit more about using Word for Mac and how to use ready made templates – even templates designed for the inferior Office 2003 using either Office Mac v.X or 2004 will work too!

    I’m using v.X.

    In Word open “Project Gallery” and select Labels. A Mailing Wizard window will open and clicking on that will open a dialogue window with fields ready for you to input the address and below that a field where you can choose the type of label you are using, Avery is the most popular, although a few other makes are supported if but minimal.

    I would avoid using a label sheet made by an unknown local firm of printers unless you are okay with making your own templates by adding in the dimensions yourself, etc.

    Otherwise to directly answer your question (pun intended) Word already has that feature for label printing using templates.

    As for Illustrator, I think opening files in Word saved in Illustrator as .PDF and importing that as an image will allow you to then use Word onwards.

  4. Okay here’s the sys reques’:

    System Requirements:
    All Macintosh from system 9.x or X
    Colour or B&W including iMac, G3, G4
    Memory required : 2 Mb
    Memory hard-disk required : 1 Mb

    So it looks like its PPC only and not Universal – not yet anyhow’s!!

  5. To Macjammer.

    Thx for the Word info;

    Doing cheap jobs (for cheap clients), having templates that ‘look’ bespoke can make the project seem worth it sometimes!!

    I remember in the OS9 days Avery making templates useable in Quark!!

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