Microsoft CEO Ballmer prepares analysts for yet another Windows Vista delay

“Microsoft’s real, real busy these days, so if you’re waiting for something to happen on the Vista front, you’re not alone. ‘We are not a company that starts things and gives them up,’ [Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said.] ‘We keep working on things and working and working and working,'” Scott M. Fulton, III reports for TG Daily.

“And working. What investors noted today was another ominous resurrection: specifically, of the term ‘on track,’ which Microsoft hauls out of its marketing closet whenever it needs to explain a delay, as in ‘Vista is on track to deliver in the first half of 2007.’ [Yesterday], Microsoft co-president Kevin Johnson would not even entirely confirm that second half date,” Fulton reports. “Sources quote Johnson as saying, while Vista remains ‘on track’ for 2H 2007, it will only ship ‘when the product is ready.’ Later during the meeting, Reuters quoted Johnson as slipping that commitment even further, stating, ‘We will ship Windows Vista when it is available.'”

“‘We are going to ship the product when it is ready and we are just going to take it milestone by milestone,’ came the most recent Johnson quote from Reuters,” Fulton reports. “He also apparently repeated to analysts, responding to multiple questions apparently driving him to set a firm timetable, the old Ford Motor Company phrase ‘Quality is Job One,’ and may have even stated Vista is effectively ‘on track’ to ship ‘when it’s ready.'”

Full article here.

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  1. rut row…, the whole economy is teetering… some big companies ain’t looking so good, think Detroit. With Gates and Buffet changing there dollars for Euros, a housing bubble deflating, oil prices reaching record levels. perhaps its time to visit one of these places….

    MW congress… I know those spineless whores won’t help.

  2. i mean are all these vista delays a break for apple or what!!

    microdick really are bending over and taking it up the clacker.

    with the continual delays i guess they must really like that.

  3. Of course it’s delayed again, at this point they want to see Leopard first.
    This way they know what else to copy before Vista’s release @ the end of 2007. Laughing stock!!!!!

  4. The story speaks for itself. Investors will begin to jump ship. Malasoft can’t stay focused, they are to busy trying to take over the world in a single shot.

    My advice to Malasoft, stop trying to do everything and be masters at nothing. Take a steo back, refocus and do what you do best. Produce and sell reversed engineered, half baked, poorly executed, over marketed, environmentally restrictive software to company CEO’s that can’t tell the difference between honest productivity and saving $50 on a laptop.

    nuff said.

  5. “Quality is Job One” Since when? (Ford or MS)

    “We are not a company that starts things and gives them up . . .”
    He’s high. Here’s proof.

    “We keep working on things and working and working and working . . .”
    Like the new semi-transparent, 3-D Minesweeper for Vista. It’s neat.

    “. . . we are just going to take it milestone by milestone . . .”
    He meant tombstone.

    “. . . when the product is ready . . .”
    When it can fit comfortably on a floppy disk.

    “Microsoft’s real, real busy these days . . .”
    Selling Windows viruses solutions.

  6. “I mean, this isn’t even funny anymore. You know that feeling you get when someone is embarrassing themselves so badly that you don’t feel comfortable watching? That’s how I feel now.”

    Bingo. Right on the money.

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