BusinessWeek survey: Apple’s global brand value grows 14-percent

“Apple’s global brand value grew by almost 14 percent over the past year, according to a BusinessWeek survey of brands. Google, Starbucks, Motorola, and eBay are among this year’s top gainers in BusinessWeek’s annual ranking of The Best Global Brands, while Coca-Cola, Microsoft, IBM, GE, and Intel were among top five brands, respectively. Apple was No. 39 on the list with a brand value of $9.13 billion, about 14 percent ahead of the value reported in last year’s survey in which it ranked No. 41,” MacNN reports.

“Coca-Cola was No. 1 brand on the list with a value of $67 billion; Microsoft was ranked No. 2 with an estimated $60 billion brand value; and IBM was No. 3 with a brand value of $56.2 billion. All of the top 5 companies were US-based companies, companies such as Nokia (No. 6, Finland), Toyota (No. 7, Japan), and Mercedes (No. 10, Germany) were only international companies among the top 10. Google’s value surged almost 46 percent to $12.4 billion, landing it at the No. 24 spot,” MacNN reports.

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  1. マイクロソフトはダウン状態になっている。 ブランドは何ものソニーが窓に勝つ演劇の場所のための次世代のオペレーティングシステムを解放するようにやがて価値があるとにかく実際に堅くない。

  2. How exactly is a dollar value placed on the “Brand Name”?

    I know they say “Interbrand’s brand values is calculated as the net present value of the earnings that the brand is expected to generate and secure in the future for the time frame from July 1, 2005 to June 30, 2006.”, but that is just nonsensical. It has very little meaning.

  3. Is the list only compiled on $s only?

    Levi’s is #100 and there are certainly less known brands well above them.

    Seemingly, Microsoft is 13 times more valuable brand than Apple? Under what criteria? Crappiness?

    Seems so as Big Macs burger are way at the top as well.

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  5. TO: Mac Realist
    Stock Boy

    FROM: VinitaBoy and the World

    RE: Your Investment Advice

    Succintly put . . . You’re fired. Terminated, sacked, released, discharged, dismissed, canned, axed.

    And I hope you lost your ass shorting AAPL a couple of weeks ago. Actually, I don’t believe either of you has any disposable income to invest in ANYTHING, so I’m sure you’re no worse off in your double-wides than you were BEFORE your verbal diarrhea.

    With Uncle Fester and his cohorts already starting to backpeddle on the early 2007 release of Vista, you two must be crapping bricks right now. Oh well, you have his Steveness, WWDC, and Leopard to look forward to in a few days, so ENJOY!

  6. Yes, a big shout out to all the sellers. Letting the big boys jump on board again.

    Oh wait, no, F— you guys and the analysts who made my own mother sell for a loss on group hysteria and flat out lies. She didn’t even call me to ask my advice because she listened to all you jack-offs who know nothing about the company. Obviously she ignored Cramer’s Mad Money advice too. I’ve sold most everything BUT Apple.

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