iLounge releases The Free iPod Book 2.2 for immediate download

The Editors of iLounge have announced the immediate availability of The Free iPod Book 2.2, an expanded, improved follow-up to iLounge’s Free iPod Book 2.0. With four all-new sections and updates to many of the book’s previously-released sections, the 200-plus page Free iPod Book 2.2 is a must-see for current and prospective iPod owners.

New sections include:
• Nike + iPod Sport Kit (section S)
• Troubleshooting Your iPod (section T)
• U2 iPod + iPod Pack-Ins (section U)
• and Backstage at iLounge (section V)

For additional details and download links, click here.


  1. I dont think this has made the news but this is a very clever idea, reading books on ipod or the next ipod with a larger screen could mean, even those non-music-listening people that sit at cafe’s would want to get the next ipod to read downloadable books and etc…

    Imagine if the next ipod came with wireless internet service with apple and you could check google news on it or a news page by apple.

    i currently do not have an ipod however if would definetly purchase something like that.

  2. don’t think you read the article, Wait. its a book that tells you how to use an iPod. And as far as I know the current iPods cant read PDF files. A PDF viewer in future models would be a good idea though.

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