More information surfaces about Apple’s ‘Numbers’ trademark

Apple’s European filing 004481297 for “Numbers,” which has since received “registered status” on July 4, lists two additional classifications in respect to their trademark Macsimum News reports.

Class 35: Advertising; business management; business administration; accounting services; compilation of information into computer databases; computerized file management; database management services; business information services provided online from a computer database or the Internet; promotion services; information, advisory and consultancy services relating to all the aforesaid.

Class 42: Computer hardware and software consulting services; rental of computer hardware and software apparatus and equipment; multimedia and audio-visual software consulting services; computer programming; support and consultation services for developing computer systems, databases and applications; graphic design for the compilation of web pages on the Internet; information relating to computer hardware or software provided on-line from a global computer network or the Internet; creating and maintaining web-sites; provision of web-sites featuring multimedia materials; hosting the web-sites of others; information, advisory and consultancy services relating to all the aforesaid.

More in the full article here.

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  1. The hover AD’s are displaced in Netscape broswer (on PC)…..cant even read the articles. Its like reading “fill in the blanks.” Its like the CSS is all messed up. Especially with the Flash videos….covers up the entire article. Bleah!

  2. “graphic design for the compilation of web pages on the Internet”

    This is more of a Word feature than a Excel feature. Do you think that this trademark is for an app that is part of a suite to compete with Office?

    It appears that they cover much more than a spreadsheet app in the description.

  3. It looks like MDN has stopped all hover ads at this time. I cannot find any in any of the stories now, even though they were here earlier. They are probably revising the cookie so bgmccollum’s fix won’t work.

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