“Overwhelmed with anticipation, some fans of Apple Computer’s iPods are ripping through software code to find clues about what the company has planned for the next-generation of the digital music players. And they may have found some answers,” Katie Marsal reports for AppleInsider.

“An AppleInsider member by the name of VL-Tone recently dissected the latest iPod firmware update and made some interesting discoveries,” Marsal reports. “While Apple has been relatively mum on any plans for iPod-branded cell phone, the latest iPod software includes references to an ‘t_feature_app_PHONE_APP’ application and variables such as ‘kPhoneSignalStrength,’ ‘clPhoneCallHistoryModel,’ ‘prPhoneSettingsMenu,’ ‘prPhoneSettingsMenuView,’ ‘prPhoneEnableSetting’ and ‘prPhoneMenuItem.'”

Marsal reports, “Apple may also be working on some form of iPod-based instant messenger application, if you believe in reading into some additional clues embedded into the latest iPod software such as ‘t_feature_app_MESSENGER_APP,’ ‘clMessengerModel,’ and ‘clMessengerApplication.'”

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