Apple logo appears on Sony PlayStation 3 site

“So if you hadn’t already heard, when you hit the Sony PlayStation 3 home page you’re greeted with the usual requisite promo animation… and a momentary flash of the Apple logo,” Ryan Block reports for Engadget.

“Seriously. Go check it out if you don’t believe us,” Block writes. “So, what’s the deal? Well, our first inclination would be that it’s either a mistake, some misplaced watermark, or the designer who put this thing up was probably about to get fired so s/he decided to have a little fun. Trust us though, we definitely would put it past Sony to be all sly and leave us some clue about a possible Apple video game partnership — that just ain’t happening at this point.”

Full article with screenshot of Apple logo flash frame and links here.

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  1. Really late news guys, seriously poor show!!

    This was on engadget yesterday and by the time i read it on that it had already been changed!!

    How are MDN readers supposed to get a look at something that was removed more than 24 hours ago, when it is reported as new news??

  2. Yeah- it’s gone now. There was a discussion about this on Digg yesterday though, and when someone decompiled the original .swf file they found it contained a watermarked “billowing smoke” rendering from Shake – the demo version.

  3. Remember a keynote or two ago when SJ introduced the head of Sony, bringing him on to the stage from the wings?

    It was a very gracious gesture, but seemed to be a non sequitur… No mention of any products/alliances, of course…

    Steve understands international business etiquette. Let’s pay close attention

  4. Update: So from the sound of it Occam’s razor strikes again. Looks like that logo flashes when you author using a trial version of Apple’s Shake. So basically from what we can ascertain, Sony (or its ad agency) is too cheap to buy their people the full version of Shake, which goes for $500 list on Apple’s site. Tisk, tisk!

  5. Yes Mike I remember when SJ brought the head of Sony on stage and to this day it makes me smile for what could’ve been.

    Since then Sony has a new head, some British guy who claims the only media players out there are ones made by Sony.


    MW ‘happened’ Yep Sony a Japanese company that actually dosn’t have a Japanese person at its head, British citizens can be extradited to the USA on any charge a lawyer sees fit to place and ‘happened’ in what’s happening to the world for things like this to happen!

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