Enderle spouts some incredible nonsense about Apple iPod+iTunes

“I’m starting to see a number of anecdotal reports indicating the market lust for the iPod as a product, and perhaps MP3 players as a category, is starting to cool dramatically …in competing products the new SanDisk and Samsung players are thought to be better then [sic] some of the iPods and both MTV’s Urge and Real Networks Rhapsody are increasingly favored over iTunes while Apple’s own new lines are reported to be delayed,” Rob Enderle writes for Technology Pundits.

“Apple has gone back to marketing PCs and the opportunity cost of that is they aren’t doing as much marketing of iPods. Part of this drag may be because of this marketing shift and the downside for Apple’s great marketing is that when they don’t do it people aren’t motivated to buy the related products. They are getting some pick up on the PC side but it may not be enough, particularly with a new OS and new hardware on the horizon, to overcome the iPod slip,” Enderle writes.

“There has also been a lot of negative news out on iPods breaking and monopolistic practices in certain geographies (like France) which has undoubtedly created some purchase drag,” Enderle explains. “We expect Apple will dramatically expand their iPod accessories line to better farm their installed base. They will also have to address the problems associated with their DRM and its inability to use subscription services which, we’re sure, even they can now admit are the future of this space so they can offer one as well.”

Enderle writes, “Expect a stronger tie between their PCs and iPods as they go forward, they had already tied together design elements but hadn’t yet gotten creative with integrated docking or purchase bundles.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: We’re constantly amazed that this idiot can somehow make enough cash to buy groceries, pay his mortgage, and provide health care for himself and, presumably, other(s) in his family along with all the rest of the usual expenses. America is truly an amazing place; the streets are paved with gold even for absolute morons. Nothing – not a single thing – from Enderle’s scribbles above is backed with even a shred of proof.

To summarize:
• Anecdotal “reports” from who-knows-where do not mean that “market lust for the iPod as a product, and perhaps MP3 players as a category, is starting to cool dramatically.”
• Who exactly thinks that “the new SanDisk and Samsung players are better then [sic] some of the iPods?” What are their credentials? For whom do they work? What have they been smoking?
• “Both MTV’s Urge and Real Networks Rhapsody are increasingly favored over iTunes” by whom, exactly? Steve Ballmer? Rob Glaser?
• “Apple’s own new [iPod] lines are reported to be delayed” by precisely one analyst (Shaw Wu) on the planet. We’d like at least some reliable corroboration. The voices in Enderle’s head don’t count.
• “Apple has gone back to marketing PCs and [so] they aren’t doing as much marketing of iPods.” Quick, somebody Google mutually exclusive!
• Apple’s selling more Macs, “but it may not be enough, particularly with a new OS and new hardware on the horizon, to overcome the iPod slip.” What “iPod slip?” Oh, yeah, “anecdotal reports.” We forgot.
• One small batch of defective iPod screens cracking quarters ago that Apple has long ago replaced and France’s toothless DRM legislation have “undoubtedly created some purchase drag?” If you define “some” as “three Parisians and one poor guy who can’t figure out how to get his iPod fixed for free,” then get a dictionary.
• “Apple will dramatically expand their iPod accessories line.” Holy crap, Enderle might have mistakenly gotten one right! Still, no solid proof, though, of course.
• Apple “will also have to address the problems associated with their DRM?” Which would be what, that FairPlay works on both Macs and Windows PCs and 55+ million iPods, unlike Microsoft’s failed DRM?
• The lack of a iTunes Music Store “subscription service” is a problem? Is that because surveys show that users prefer music ownership over subscriptions or because nobody is very successful with subscription services at all?

It’s all just pure Enderlunacy, as usual.

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  1. Wow… you can’t get much more douche bag than that… really… this doesn’t even border on a logical column. If you’re going to make such statements – even as a columnist – you REALLY need to back them up with facts.


  2. There’s a good reason that Technology Pundits web site doesn’t have a reader feedback section (at least I couldn’t find one anywhere). Their servers couldn’t handle it.

  3. Who is his editor?

    “in competing products the new SanDisk and Samsung players are thought to be better then some of the iPods and both MTV’s Urge…”

    try “is better than”

    Maybe it was MDN…I’ll check. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />..

    …wow, I MUST have something better to do. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  4. you guys just don’t get it. this guy, along with dvorak (who openly admitted it recently) purposely troll with articles like this specifically for web page hits. all you have to do is mention apple in a negative way, and you’ve got thousands of angry mac users bringing this moron’s (and others) hits to all time highs to bring advertisers. that’s how he makes his money. if you don’t buy into it and visit his site, he will lose revenue.

    mdn magic word “support”, as in don’t support this kind of press!

  5. Come on. Admit it, MDN. You only run these Enderle articles as comic relief, right? The guy’s a putz, why not just leave it at that.

    Only in America can you make a living as a “journalist” by writing fiction. I know, I’ve seen it many times, in fact a former sports editor/work associate of mine in a local newspaper was terrible about making stuff up all the time in his weekly “column.” I called him on it a number of times, to no avail. The editors didn’t seem to know the difference. They’re creed: “make it entertaining so more people will read it, and you’ll be just fine.”

    Until someone finally sues them, and wins.

  6. I could tell you what I think of RE & the Enderle Group, but I would probably get banned from the site. Besides, little kiddies might be looking at this.
    The dude is a troll. That’s the nicest thing I can say.

  7. well, it’s true that itunes music store is dominated digital music business, and offer only one format like fairplay 2 (DRM). but they don’t know the fact that purchased songs can be easily transferred to mp3 after buring CD.

    integrated docking, purchased budles? well, there are tons of thousands products you can buy, dumbass.

    not motivated by related products? are you serious? ipod and third party products work together, keep very good business so far. thanks to ipod, third party has made a lot of profit.

    finally, where is nonsense apple+ipod? I don’t see it. you’d better change the name of company not enderle but elderly. it’s the way behind of thinking tech.

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