Marvell to buy Intel processor unit for $600 million

“Marvell Technology Group Ltd. will buy Intel Corp.’s communications and application processor business for $600 million plus the assumption of undisclosed liabilities, the companies said on Tuesday.,” Reuters reports.

“The acquisition will bolster Marvell’s position in the market for processors used in hand-held devices, and allow Intel, the world’s largest maker of semiconductors, to focus on its core businesses, the companies said,” Reuters reports.

Reuters reports, “Intel’s communications and application processor business includes approximately 1,400 employees involved in a variety of functions, including engineering, product testing and validation, as well as operations and marketing. The majority of these employees are expected to become employees of Marvell, which makes wireless communication, controller and power management chips, the companies said.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Cmajor” for the heads up.]

[UPDATE: 10:37am EDT: Fixed first sentence.]

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  1. Marvell Technology Group Ltd. (Nasdaq:MRVL – news) will buy Intel Corp.’s (Nasdaq:INTC – news) communications and application processor business for $600 million plus the assumption of undisclosed liabilities, the companies said on Tuesday.

    Looks like putting the ads in messed up your cut/paste job, MDN. At least you’ve got your priorities straight.

  2. No, Marvel hasn’t made real comics for years. They are now bootlickers at the altar of PC and as a result, their plotlines and characters reflect different shades and stages of self-flagellating white guilt. It makes for very boring plots and emotionally uninvolving characters. Plus, they fired Chris Claremont, for which there is no forgiveness! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  3. Stock market is going to take a HUGE dip tomorrow when it realizes fed is increasing rates at .5 instead of the 0.25 that was expected and fed will continue to raise it higher just within a month.

    With it, Apple will be dragged down. as well as all other stocks.

    Do not buy stocks assuming these comments must have made them a bargain.

  4. I don’t understand all the antipathy about the intellitext ads. Unless you’re the sort who drags his finger across the page and moves his lips while reading, they’re easily avoided. In fact, I kinda like that viewing them is optional. I wish other kinds of ads were as unobtrusive.

  5. NO DOUBT! Why do you people complain about the ads all the time. Do you realize that reading your annoying posts is more irritating than the ads themselves? Can you read without dragging your mouse of the text? STFU

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