Business 2.0’s 50 People Who Matter: Steve Jobs #5; Top 10 Who Don’t Matter: Microsoft’s Ballmer

Business 2.0 chronicles “50 People Who Matter” and ranks Apple CEO Steve Jobs at #5:

Why He Matters: Easily the greatest marketer since P.T. Barnum, Jobs has also become the innovator’s muse. Is there anyone in American business today whose style, creativity, and pugnacious genius are more celebrated? Which brings us back to the question that drives this list: What’s he done for us lately? Yes, yes, iPods, iTunes, creating a whole industry — we already take that for granted. And the heretical move to the dual-core, Windows-running Intel chip. Fine, sweet, very cool — and long overdue. But let’s separate the reality from the distortion field: 2005 was a record year … for Wintel PCs! An astounding 203 million Windows-running machines were shipped last year, and Windows market share has held steady at 94 percent since 1996. During the same decade, Mac’s share slipped from 5.2 percent to 2.3 percent. Of course, Apple’s influence has always far exceeded its modest scale, so all we’re saying is … bring on the next big innovation. Mobile phones? Home media centers? iHovercrafts? Take your pick, but we’re ready for more.

For the record: 1. You! – The consumer as creator, 2. Sergey Brin and Larry Page – Co-founders, Google, 3. Paul Jacobs – CEO, Qualcomm, 4. Rupert Murdoch – CEO, News Corp.

Full article here.

Business 2.0 is also running a companion piece, “10 People Who Don’t Matter” (no particular order), with everyone’s favorite dancing monkeyboy, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, on the list:

Let’s face it: The head of the world’s biggest software company is a lame duck. Sure, Microsoft’s board still backs Ballmer as CEO, and he still has a core of loyal executives within the company. But with longtime partner Bill Gates stepping away from his day-to-day role to focus on saving the world, and Ray Ozzie playing the role of resident visionary, the CEO job just won’t be as much fun. And with employees and investors still in a froth over the company’s low share price, it will be increasingly tempting for Ballmer to follow Bill’s lead, and make boosting the shares someone else’s problem.

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Wingsy” for the heads up.]
What they obviously haven’t figured out yet is that “the next big innovation” from Jobs’ Apple is the Macintosh. Boy, they’re sure going to be surprised when they figure it out!

Oh yeah, what’s the over/under on Ballmer’s departure? 12 months? 18 months max?

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  1. Oh yeah, what’s the over/under on Ballmer’s departure? 12 months? 18 months max?

    MSFT will announce Ballmer’s “retirement” after the current fiscal year is completed, with the actual date set for two years later.

    With the announcement, MSFT will jump about 10%.

  2. Anybody else experiencing slow postings to MDN today?

    When I started the post above there were no others, hit submit and the beach ball spun forever. Took two minutes to post my response. Not the first time this has happened today.

  3. Why did they rank Jobs at number 5 and then basically riducule and minimize his achievments? Sounds as if the writer of the copy was not on the selection committee and felt compelled to interject his personal opinion on the subject. Just a weird take for someone in the top 10.

  4. Anybody remember “SLAM” books in grade school? Take a clean notebook and pass it around the room. Get it back and read the reviews your fellow students wrote of you.

    Is this Bus. 2.0 article any different than that, or typed with fear and trembling, People Magazine?!?

  5. What’s he done for us lately? Yes, yes, iPods, iTunes, creating a whole industry — we already take that for granted.

    Good grief. Jobs could drive Apple to cure cancer and perfect fusion power, and someone would say “Yeah yeah, but what can you do NEXT?”

    Apple’s market share should grow very well once the Intel changeover is complete. MS’s Vista mess isn’t hurting things either.

    As for Ballmer, he’ll remain at the top of MS until the shareholders run him out. If MS execs don’t have the guts to face Vista’s reality, there’s no way they have the guts to fire Ballmer.

  6. Not so fast everybody. I think Ballmer should stay until he manages to get the m$ felon’s market share down to under 50%. He seems to be working hard at it, lets give him 10 or 20 years.

    Seriously – let him stay, keep lying, stealing, cheating, breaking the law until everybody gets it and the various government agencies are forced to, finally, do their job.

    Or, alternatively, drive that piece of junk company into the ground and then some. Only when its buried 200 feet deep will I consider it time for Ballmer to go.

    Of course there will be a shareholder revolt at around 85% market share, but…

  7. Rupert Murdoch? The Australian Nazi who has turned television news into a laughingstock right wing syncophant to the Bush Administration? The man is evil! He should be banned from doing business in the US like De Beers was!

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