Smith Micro releases Internet Cleanup 4.0 for Apple Macintosh

Smith Micro Software, Inc. announced today Internet Cleanup 4.0 for Macintosh, the latest version of the popular software that protects users’ privacy and enhances their Internet experience. Internet Cleanup’s comprehensive solution blocks users private information from being transmitted over the Internet without their approval, helps manage Instant Messenger (IM) chat logs, selectively blocks Flash ads, and gives users greater control over their Internet experience.

“With Internet Cleanup 4.0, users now have even greater control over the personal information that gets transmitted over the Internet” said Pauline Shumake, Senior Product Manager, Smith Micro Software, Inc. “Whether it’s protecting their privacy from spyware or selectively blocking Flash and banner ads, Internet Cleanup is designed to enhance the surfing experience and solve the privacy concerns of all Mac users.”

Internet Cleanup 4.0 contains a powerful array of features for Mac users:

• Now Universal Binary – Works natively with Intel and PowerPC based Macintoshes.
• Personal Info Protector – provides users with a secure place to store all account numbers, passwords and any other sensitive information. It eliminates the high-risk of using unprotected sticky notes or spreadsheets to store easily forgotten but important information, and prevents it from being transmitted across the Internet.
• Blocks Flash ads: With NetBlockade users now have the luxury of seeing only the Flash content that they want.
• Detect the latest spyware – SpyAlert scans the computer for evidence of surveillance Spyware and safely removes it.
• MailCleaner filters attachments with Smart Rules – Smart rules allow users to create search criteria that can filter out or find email attachments based upon file name, sender, file size, date, time and more.
• Greater MailCleaner support for Apple Mail – MailCleaner allows users to organize or delete Apple Mail attachments by moving them to selected folders.
• Selective history editing – Internet History Cleaner protects user privacy by cleaning out specific sites from history lists, deleting those that compromise privacy.
• Safeguard IM privacy – Instant Messenger Log Cleaner finds and deletes instant messaging chat logs for major IM applications to keep conversations private.
• Protect against secret monitoring – Network SpyAlert immediately stops programs from sending data to the Internet without the user’s permission.
• Block Web-based spies – NetBlockade blocks unwanted cookies, ads, pop-ups as well as URL referrers that tell websites about the previous web page a user visited.
• Block ads – NetBlockade accelerates web surfing by blocking banner ads, and pop-up and pop-under windows.
• Shred confidential files securely – SecureDelete ™ acts like a digital document shredder, completely removing private files so they cannot be recovered from a hard disk, even with special disk recovery tools.
• Keep surfing habits private – Internet Cleanup clears away hidden files that show outsiders which Web pages, sites, and images were viewed. It can automatically delete unwanted cookies and protect the cookies users want.
• Internet file finder tool – Forms Auto-Fill Data Cleaner finds and remove any auto-fill data collected by web browsers; Cookie Editor gets rid of the browser cookies users don’t want and keeps the ones they do; Supports all major web browsers, including Safari, Firefox, Mozilla, Internet Explorer/AOL Netscape, OmniWeb, Camino, iCab, Opera, Sherlock, and Shiira.
• Selectivity – Internet Cleanup allows cleaning actions to be applied to individual files returned by searches. Move items to the Trash or to a folder of the user’s choosing.
• Schedule tasks – The Scheduler tool lets users create scheduled tasks to automatically perform searches and clean their system.
• Run multiple functions concurrently – Internet Cleanup’s multi-threaded implementation allows users to conduct multiple tasks without having to wait for searches or other time-consuming operations to complete. Users can see the progress of all searches and tasks in the activity viewer window

The MSRP for Internet Cleanup 4.0 is $29.99. Users of earlier versions of Internet Cleanup Mac or iClean can upgrade to Internet Cleanup 4.0 for a special price of $14.99. This offer is available for a limited time. To upgrade go to:

Ffree trial version:

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  1. Can anyone elaborate on why I would need this?

    lets break it down and see

    • Personal Info Protector No

    One shouldn’t place any personal info, data or passwords in a computer that’s online. Once it’s compromised the hacker gets all of the data. Apple has a nasty habit of putting your name in the “computer name” and email addy’s, Apple Support forum cookies in plain text. Which all get transmitted unsecure online.

    • Blocks Flash ads: Could be handy, but I haven’t seen enough annoying flash ads to warrant it.

    • Detect the latest spyware If you have someone around you that might do this, then it’s warranted. then again if they would do this they shouldn’t have access to your admin account to install spyware.

    • MailCleaner filters attachments with Smart Rules won’t help with spam, train Mail with a 100+ more spams and it works great

    Greater MailCleaner support for Apple Mail may come in handy for some

    • Selective history editing may come in handy for some, but why bother when it’s just eaiser to save the sites you want and clear the history?

    • Safeguard IM privacy IM isn’t private, but again, why let someone have adim access to your account?

    • Protect against secret monitoring Little Snitch does this too, and you can tighted Little Snitch from the defult settings for really tight control. Not even processes can contact the internet.

    • Block Web-based spies may come in handy for some

    • Block ads Safari block is free.

    • Shred confidential files securely – SecureDelete ™ Finder>Secure Trash = 6x overwrite is military grade (35x is insane, but may be useful)

    • Keep surfing habits private this can come in handy. Like I said Apple Support Forums use a cookie with your name clearly visible to all who request that cookie. Apple doesn’t give a ratts ass about privacy.

    • Internet file finder tool may be useful

    • Selectivity deos what?

    • Schedule tasks eh?

    • Run multiple functions concurrently filler feature

    So it may be of some use if it streamlines a lot of security and privacy actions, however if it installs as root, which I guess it must, then I really don’t approve of it.

    It’s best the user do the work manually before allowing applications access to root. (via admin password “sudo”)

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