Eleven Wireless launches ElevenBC for Intel-powered Apple iMac; offers managed computers for hotels

Eleven Wireless today launched the new version of its business center computer solution, called ElevenBC. This software update is optimized to take advantage of the Intel-based Apple iMac computers’ performance improvement. ElevenBC enables hotel properties to deploy a fully functional, managed computer for guests to use for business or personal use.

ElevenBC’s software manages key aspects of the computer system, allowing hotels to customize the look and feel of the guest experience. Additionally, after a guest ends their session, ElevenBC electronically shreds that guest’s private documents, files and other settings. This assures data security while providing a fresh experience for subsequent users free of any residual documents, viruses, bookmarks, or other content.

ElevenBC previously delivered an industry-first Mac OS X and Windows XP on an Apple iMac G5 system. Leveraging the new Intel processors means Windows XP on ElevenBC’s iMac runs at speeds similar to those of Windows XP running standalone on typical PCs.

“Some of our guests want Windows and others prefer Mac. Our partnerships with Eleven enable us to satisfy all guests with a single business center computer,” said Andrew Furrer, Kimpton’s VP of Technology, in the press release.

With the click of a mouse, guests can switch between Mac OS X and Windows XP. Both Windows Office and Mac Office are available for use by guests, allowing them to create and edit documents, presentations and spreadsheets in whichever environment they prefer. A color laser printer allows guests to easily print their documents and available USB ports let guests take their data with them.

“Why settle for an Internet kiosk or even a Windows-only machine when you can get both Windows and Mac on a superior hardware platform?” questions Andrew Yorra, Eleven’s VP of Business Development, in the press release. “Hospitality is about guest satisfaction, and ElevenBC empowers hoteliers to deliver their guests a better business center experience.”

More info here.

MacDailyNews Take: W’he’hell, Mr. Yorra… “Why settle for a Windows-only machine?” Good question, good question… we like they way you think. We’re gonna be watching you.

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  1. Of course, most business users will inevitably select the OS they are most comfortable with but there are bound to be a few Windows centric biz people who, having completed their work, think “Hmmm. Got a few minutes to kill……let’s see what this OS X is all about….”

  2. R:

    That’s not in print – the link is to the company’s own website. More like a press release.

    Just the same, it’s an interesting development. It will be putting Macs in front of business travelers who otherwise might never touch a Mac. I’m sure it will be sparking some interesting conversations about Macs when they return to the office.

    Did anyone else notice the Internet Exploder icon in the animation on hte liked page? I guess even converting hardcore Windows users to Firefox is too much.

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