Switching To The Mac: A Guide For Windows Users

“With all the buzz surrounding Apple Computer these days, many Windows users are starting to think the unthinkable: Should I switch to a Mac? There are plenty of good reasons to consider a Mac. Most of Apple’s current desktop and laptop models are shipping with Intel Core Solo or, more commonly, Core Duo processors, putting to rest the longtime stigma of ‘overpriced and underpowered’ that critics attached to many Macs. And the release of new products like Boot Camp and Parallels that let you run Windows on a Mac mean that switching is no longer the one-way street it was a few years (or even a few months) ago — which makes the idea of moving to Apple and Mac OS X much easier,” John Welch writes for TechWeb.

“Then there’s the matter of style. Some PC manufacturers have tried, but none can match the sleek sophistication of Apple products — and Apple knows it. You can’t help but notice a certain glee in the way the company’s advertising flaunts its products’ superior design,” Welch writes. “Once you get past the cute commercials and talking heads, there are some hard facts that you need to know to make an intelligent decision about switching. And, to be honest, there are some things about Macs that will seem a little weird if you do make the switch. We’re here to guide the way.”

Welch’s Switching To The Mac Guide includes:
• Price
• Hardware Differences
• Operating System Differences
• Applications
• Running Windows On A Mac
• Mac Security
• Choosing A Mac
• Transferring Data To Your Mac

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: “It was a funny thing,” said Joe Windows User. “I got the Mac because I could run Windows, but after a month or so, I realized I never ran Windows anymore. I guess I’m Joe Mac User now. Why didn’t I do this years ago?!”

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  1. First, before you leap, check out the Apple discussions forums (their own site) where 10s of thousands MacBook and MacBook Pro purchasers are suffering lap and leg burns (Apple warned you, though), mooing and whining noises (Apple says they can’t hear ’em) and the white ones are turning brown-ish yellow (Apple says wash your hands).

    Steve’s stuff is not ready and his rush to capture PC swithchers before Vista (no matter how awful) is going to fail because the hardware is so defective.

  2. Apple is on a good approach with this “one machine, many OS’s” type approach.

    However there is still a slight problem.

    With a generic PC one has the option to not order a lot of functionality, which comes in handy for the “dumb terminal” mass produced market. where most PC’s are sold.

  3. Pete –

    I have a MacBook that suffers from none of these ailments (nor does it suffer from any virus ailments).

    And as for the discoloration factor – come on, you buy something white, you don’t wash your hands, what do you expect?

  4. Pete . . .

    To put it mildly, you live in a VERY sheltered world! When you say:

    “Steve’s stuff is not ready and his rush to capture PC swithchers before Vista (no matter how awful) is going to fail because the hardware is so defective.”

    . . . you REALLY need to visit THIS site!


    No–I repeat–NO hardware vendor is immune to defective products and poor customer service, but Apple is at the top of a very tall pile . . . with DELL, HP, GATEWAY, and a host of others running a distant second.

    My guess at this point is that you’re just another Winfan Troll trying to get a rise in the Community of the Chosen. Go somewhere else, OK? And grow up!

  5. Yes, the Core Duo’s are too hot, Intel has failed, IBM was right that you can’t improve performance and reduce heat. They have the best minds in the buisness.

    Performance in laptops is going to be history, Apple can’t add more features to their OS, new apps can’t be created because the processors are too hot.

    People demand laptops and the technology for growth is just not there.

    Intel conned Apple into believing they can produce a cool laptop dual core, IBM conned Apple into the G5 roadmap.

    It’s not Apple’s fault, it’s just the problems with technology. We need a new type of processor. Apple needs to sell hardware.

    I need a drinkie.

  6. “Tens of thousands,” Pete? Right. You really need to go back to school and learn to count, old man. (I bet you tell your girl/boyfriend that your johnson is a “foot-longer,” too.)

    Oh, and one more thing. Steve isn’t “rushing” to capture PC users before VISTA is released (if it ever is). “Tiger” is already superior to VISTA and has been in users’ hands for well over a year now. “Leopard” will, in fact, precede VISTA and humble the good folks in Redmond as no other operating system ever has.

    Pity the poor PC vendor who is STUCK–and I do mean STUCK–with running Windows ONLY, no matter which flavor is currently available. We Mac users can run OS X (the finest operating system in the world, without question), Windows (clearly NOT), Linux, and almost any other OS we wish.

    As Henry Ford once said, you can have your Model T in any color you wish . . . as long as it’s black. How sad for you and your ilk.

  7. Pete, give it a rest. “10s of thousands MacBook and MacBook Pro purchasers are suffering lap and leg burns …”? There are not even <u>hundreds</u> of reported cases, much less “thousands” or “tens of thousands”. And few of the reported cases actually resulted in burns. What’s more, you could find similar incidents with most major makers of portable computers. That makes it an “industry” problem and a “user training” problem rather than an “Apple” problem.

    Hope you have a good time in Computer Lab showing the other guys, who won’t be going to the Prom either, all the attention you can generate simply by blowing it out your butt.

  8. Amazing that this “Mac writer” gets several basic things wrong in his article, including:
    –that Widgets remain on your desktop (rather than in Dashboard)
    –that most applications cannot be launched through the Finder but, instead, must be launched from your desktop or from the Dock.
    Wow! No experienced Mac user, or even slightly experienced Mac user, would make those mistakes!

  9. That’s a good article. Mostly positive, the bit about security is a little misleading because although it does tell the truth about security on the Mac, (i.e. no system is bullet-proof, but the Mac is light years ahead of Windows), it doesn’t actually boil it down to numbers, i.e. Mac = 4 (proofs of concept), Windows 114,000.

    However I think that the very existence of the article in the first place shows that Apple is finally making inroads into Microsoft’s dominance, PC-types are getting interested, and PC zealots are getting worried.

  10. I agree. the only thing really wrong is the security thing. True, OS X is as vulnerable, but there is no malicious content (other than those proof f concepts and poor excuses for trojans awhile back) for it.

    But this guide should be put onto other sites and such, definitely a good read for first-timers.

    MW: Looks like Apple’s voice is getting louder and louder…

  11. Profane, obscene, nasty – Mac style?

    According to Apple at this moment: 114,912 persons concerned about the problems I have raised. That’s 10s of thousands.

    MDN’s buddies over at The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) confirming these problems.

    Why is it so hard for us to demand the quality Apple is suppose to be so famous for?

    I repeat: these Intel laptops are not ready for retail distribution! Period.

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