Sydney Morning Herald Tech columnist dumps Microsoft Windows, switches to Apple Mac

“I have had just about enough of Microsoft. I’ve had it with rebooting my notebook and my desktop constantly because my applications crawl to a halt. I’ve had it with reformatting my drives every few months to get rid of all the stuff that accumulates on them. I’ve had it with dysfunctional bloatware, inelegantly designed and inefficiently coded. I’ve had it with viruses and worms and Trojan horses and spyware and all the other rubbish that Microsoft lets in,” Graeme Philipson writes for The Sydney Morning Herald. “In a move that will delight many readers of this column, I am taking the plunge and going Apple Macintosh. My son has been using one for a year now, and Apple’s OS X operating system is everything Microsoft’s is not. I don’t care about Vista; I’m moving now.”

Philipson writes, “I don’t care if Bill Gates is the world’s biggest philanthropist. The pain he has inflicted on the world in the past 20 years through lousy products easily outweighs any good he has done.”

MacDailyNews Take: Hallelujah! Tell it like it is, baby!

Philipson’s rolling now, “Now that the Apple Mac is using Intel processors, and the prices are reasonable, and the inter-operability is fine, I see no reason not to switch. I can always run Windows if I want, though my intention is to avoid Microsoft whenever possible. Apple is as arrogant as Microsoft but at least its stuff works as advertised.”

MacDailyNews Take: It’s not arrogance if you can back it up.

Philipson continues, “The world is changing and Microsoft is not changing with it. It has become too big, with all the problems of inertia. Its enormous installed base brings with it the massive disadvantage of having to adapt while staying the same. It may prove an impossible task. The many delays in Vista, the next version of the Windows operating system, have become and industry joke. It is years late and there is no guarantee it will be ready when Microsoft says, which is late this year or early next year. Gartner consultants are already predicting further delays.”

“But the real threat to Microsoft is not unhappy users boycotting its products. It is that its business model is under threat. It’s very reason for existence is being eroded. Bill Gates’ vision was a computer on every desk, and Microsoft products on every computer. He achieved his ambition, which brought him wealth unimaginable. But now the world of computer applications is moving off the desktop and on to the internet,” Philipson writes. “Information, and information technology, is moving beyond the era of discrete desktop computers towards a supernet of interlinked devices and mini-applications. Microsoft doesn’t play there, try as it might. Google does. So does Apple. The world is changing, and so am I. I will report back on my Macintosh experience in a future column.”

Full article, highly recommended, here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Stephen J” and “cluster8” for the heads up.]

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  1. I got my wife a mini a year ago, and now she’s a bigger Mac freak than I am (Mac user since 1991), coming from 7 years of using Windows at work.

    The more converts, the better.

  2. To save all the PC trolls the bother let me say it for them:

    (deep breath)

    This guy is an idiot I’ve used Windows for years and never had a virus or spyware or a trojan you just have to know what you are doing this guy is obviously stupid because you should learn how to maintain your computer otherwise you don’t deserve to own one all you macintosh owners are stupid because the computer does it all for you and it’s just a toy not a real computer like the one I built last week that cost me $12.00 and is way quicker than anything coming out of Apple.

    (another deep breath)

    Note that the above is just what will be said later on down in the comments, but spelt better (commas and full stop notwithstanding).

  3. Philipson writes, “I don’t care if Bill Gates is the world’s biggest philanthropist. The pain he has inflicted on the world in the past 20 years through lousy products easily outweighs any good he has done.”

    I think I know some people in Ghana that would disagree.

    Still, it’s good that the guy came to the Mac.

  4. Yes. And people who cannot do all their own car repairs or surgery should not be allowed to drive, or live.


    I love this article because he describes the trend against M$ well: erosion. Good times, good times!

    Come trolls! Come one and all!

  5. The “people in Ghana” might not care that the money they’ve received is from ill-gotten gains, but, in a perfect world, they should. Certainly those of us who are more fortunate should have the energy to care.

    Gates made his money getting lucky, screwing people left and right, and then by illegally leveraging a monopoly. For this, Time Rag names him Man of the Year? Bullshit.

    “Do not buy Microsoft software because Microsoft is not an ethical company… Do not buy Microsoft software because Microsoft lies… Forget what Steve Jobs feels he needs to say about Microsoft in public and do what he most probably feels in private; do not buy Microsoft software… And no Microsoft keyboards or mice, either… Enough Mac users deciding to go Microsoft-free can put a nice ding in Microsoft, but even if Microsoft wouldn’t feel any pain, at least you’d be doing the right thing.”

    From: Mac users should not buy Microsoft software (or hardware) – SteveJack, MacDailyNews, 5/16/03

  6. Speaking of Windows rebooting:

    Last week I bought my brother-in-law a new 30GB iPod for a graduation present… the start of his 3d career!

    Anyway, our intention was to spend a morning of me teaching him about iTunes and the iPod and to rip some of his favorite music… Johnny A, Susana Baca and the Beatles to start.

    Their computer, a newish Dell, had to be rebooted EVERY time we put in a different CD! Apparently, the Dell needed to be upgraded to Service Pack 2 in order for Windows to recognize and mount new media, ANY media… even CompactFlash and SD memory cards! HUH? That makes the thing barely usable as far as I’m concerned! My sister is a programmer and interface designer, so she knows how to make Windows work… apparently.

    needless to say, my Bro-in-law LOVES his new iPod and my sister even ran out to get one for herself… and guess what? Without Service pack 2 installed, her new ipod shuffle is invisible to her Dell


    I had to bite my tongue so hard that blood trickled down my chin!

  7. Hey, I was just thinking – we could write a simple piece of software that helps ease switching for Windows die hards. First, it’s an integrated anti-spyware, anti-virus and disk defragementation utility that must be run periodically.

    In the background it accumulates four variables pseudorandomly called fragmentation that increases based on writes to the disk, spyware that increases based on installed application growth, viruses that increases based on internet use and glitches that increases simply based on up time. Running the three utilities will decrease three of the varaibles, but glitches can only be cleared by rebooting.

    As the numbers get larger and larger, the system will respond worse and worse. Additionally, certain things could be emulated – for example, when viruses get high, random reboots occur, applications quit, and weird messages appear on screen.

    I think it would make some users feel right at home!

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