IT Business Net reviews Apple 13-inch MacBook: ‘Insanely great value, Strong Buy recommendation’

“In all the time I’ve been a Mac user (since 1986 for those of you compiling notes for my biography), there has not been a Mac like the 13-inch MacBook. Certainly there’s never been a Mac notebook like it. With processing power to rival desktops and even high-end quad Opteron workstations, this machine blazes through CPU-intensive tasks like rendering 3D scenes and After Effects sequences, applying Photoshop filters, encoding MPEG-2 and H.264 and even rendering out video from applications like Final Cut Pro and Motion,” Dave Nagel writes for

“What’s more, the 13-inch MacBook is only the second line of Macs capable of running both Mac OS X and WIndows XP natively (the first line being the MacBook Pro). What’s even more, it’s fully loaded with just about all the goodies you’d want in a notebook, from built-in 802.11g wireless networking (at no additional charge) to digital optical audio in and out (plus analog lines in and out),” Nagel writes. “And on top of all that, it’s a shocking bargain. The 13-inch MacBooks start at $1,099 and range up to $1,499. The model we’re reviewing today is just $1,299. That’s not just cheap for a fully-loaded Mac. That’s cheap for a laptop offering these kinds of features from any manufacturer. All of these aspects of the MacBook make it not just a fantastic machine but the best bargain for a Mac that I’ve encountered in my 20 years as a Mac user.”

“The 13-inch MacBook is an insanely great value. It’s incredibly fast; it has features that you will not find in any other consumer notebooks; and it’s inexpensive. If you need great 3D display performance, you’ll be better off going with a MacBook Pro. But on the whole, this is a great machine… I easily give the 13-inch MacBook a Strong Buy recommendation.”

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MacDailyNews Note: Added 3:18pm and 5:05pm EDT: Apple Mac mini and iMac models are also powered by Intel and capable of running both Mac OS X and WIndows XP natively.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews reader “schmluss” and “Michael” for the feedback below.]

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  1. It’ not bad, but I bet I can get a dual-core Dell laptop for less than that with specs and portability that are just as good! (Better, frankly, since Windows is included standard on a Dell, and optional on the Macbook.)

    I’m not trolling–I know Macs are good at some things, and ohh! Pretty! What I’m doing is price-shopping. If I’m going to spend nearly $1100 I want the maximum for my dollar.

  2. To $1099 is cheap?
    Have you thought of the long-term maximum for your dollar. The cost of your time and hassles, installation of Norton/Symantec. The time costs and worries of spyware, malware, and Windows Vist vaporware? The cost of what it would take to replace iLife, one step video conferencing, etc.? Tried Dell’s customer service lately in India?
    Have you considered you can run both OS’s? Considered what Leopard will ship with? Lots to really think about. What is your total long-term investment?

  3. I was just looking at the Dell website to see if certain “claims” could be verified. After much searching I found Dell computer with similar specifications to be more expensive. Since I am not the one making claims I will leave it to others to prove their point about Dell being so much cheaper. Finally, if you want a Dell please get one because I wish you luck with it. I must use a Dell machine at my job and I have only had to have it replaced 4 times in 2 1/2 years because of poor quality. So, if you can find a cheaper Dell go for it but be prepared for us to laugh at you when it falls apart in a few months.

  4. Hey guys, noticed in this review it stated Maya benchmarks (though the link was to a book – duh) I was under the impression Maya didnt work under rosetta at all?!?! anyone clarify this ? ? i need an intel maya before i can upgrade

  5. Me again. OK, I was wrong about the dual cores. The Dell didn’t have that.

    I’m with you on spyware and all that, it’s just if Windows is cheaper, sometimes that’s the bottom line. You can run both on a Mac but like I said, you have to pay for Windows if you want it on your Mac. The Dell just comes with it. Vista and Leopard aren’t worth my planning for since they keep getting delayed anyway.

    In this case the Dell is not cheaper, I found my mistake. Peace.

  6. Article: “What’s more, the 13-inch MacBook is only the second line of Macs capable of running both Mac OS X and WIndows XP natively (the first line being the MacBook Pro).”

    MDN: “Apple Mac mini models are also powered by Intel and capable of running both Mac OS X and WIndows XP natively.”

    Don’t forget the iMac with Intel inside. Mine runs Bootcamp flawlessly.


  7. To the person saying $1,099 was over priced for what you get with the MacBook, I was able to put together this

    Dell Laptop with some (not all) of the specs of the MacBook and it cost $1,585. Maybe you should actually look stuff up before you talk out of your a$$. The one thing you do get with the Dell Laptop is an inch or so more screen room but you get so few of the other things that the MacBook offers. I can’t see that being worth $500 more. Especially when you consider you can run both Windows and Mac OS X on the MacBook.

  8. price shopper states: “The Dell just comes with it. Vista and Leopard aren’t worth my planning for since they keep getting delayed anyway.”

    Uh, last time I checked, 10.5 is still on schedule. Plus, you can find free copies of Windows all over the net (even the die-hard Microsoft fan boys won’t pay for Windows).

    And a standalone copy of 10.4 is actually cheaper than a standalone of Windows XP Pro (closest equivalent to 10.4).

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