Patent application shows iPod capable of live wireless video conferencing

“A unique patent has surfaced in the past few weeks that both illustrates and details Apple’s iPod in terminology such as ‘an enhanced iPod’ and/or ‘an improved iPod.’ A large portion of this patent places emphasis on ‘live’ video streaming – and more specifically, video conferencing conducted on the “improved iPod.” In fact, the patent presents details of a new codec for QuickTime,” Neo reports for Macsimum News.

“The reason for delaying this report rested on two things. Firstly, is the fact that the patent doesn’t appear to, at least on paper, stem from Apple. And yet the specificity of the improved iPod(s), clearly demonstrate that there is a direct connection to Apple in some capacity,” Neo reports. “Secondly, I was initially concerned by the patent author’s many references to ‘iPod-like device’ and/or ‘iPod type device.’ And yet there are several specific mentions in the patent’s claims and elsewhere that undeniably clarify the matter. For example, patent claim 19 states that ‘The system of claim 2, wherein the handheld video device is an improved iPod,’ and in claim 13 it states ‘wherein the handheld video device is an Apple iPod.'”

Neo reports, “So, with that said, the following patent report covers such matters as the new improved iPod acting as a video server within a wireless network, new optional iPod hardware modules, a new video-zoom feature in context with video conferencing and lastly, the improved iPod’s ability to send and/or receive streaming and/or ‘live’ video.”

Full article with illustrations here.

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  1. Well, this means several things.

    First, according to Jobs there will be a new revision of the iPod every year. So, expect one this holiday season.

    Secondly, if a new iPod supports video conferencing, then it will need an iSight camera built in, unless the screen is the camera. Wasn’t there a rumor about this?

    Third, in order to support a four-way conference like iChat does now it will require a wide screen! Can we say movie downloads?

    Forth, in order to keep the same size and accomdate a wide screen, there is no room for the scroll wheel, so a touch screen interface will be needed.

    Fifth, it will undoubtably support the new 802.11n protocol to handle the wireless video stream.

    And finally, since it will have sound input for talking, it will most likely support VOIP, ie. iPhone!!!

    Sweet. I want one!

  2. hhmm, if thats not an apple phone in the patent and they intend on software integration on 3rd party phone manufactures, that sounds quite cool, and a more logical step, like a phone extention….whatever phone manufacturer gets the ‘deal’ to integrate direct with an ipod like this is really in the money cause just about every ipod owner would get it!!!

  3. Can you say “iPod Video Phone”? Leapfrog over the pitiful “Star Trek Communicator” cell phones we have now and go right for a live video phone call to anyone on the service, anywhere in the world. Leonard Nimoy or Shatner MUST do the voice over on this commercial. Not your father’s cellphone.

  4. I do not believe this is patentable. You cannot take someone else’s product and just claim to be able to add extra functionality to it and patent it with out actually adding the extra functionality. Since there is no indication that this is a patent by Apple for a future product, it is just a series of drawings of various components strung together. I could just as easily add these components to a ukelele and file for a interactive video ukelele patent.

  5. This could simply be a third party inventor/patent holding company. They often patent “improvements” on other company’s ideas. They may then sit on the patent until, in this case for example, a company like Apple comes out with a wireless video conferencing iPod. The holding company can then sue Apple for percentage of its gross revenue.
    Just a thought.

  6. I am sure that this will eventually come out, but America does not have 3G technology for cell phones yet. I mean, they do, but it’s a fake one (i.e. it doesn’t allow you to transfer video conference data) so until this comes out in the States, I am not sure that APPLE would actually care about coming out with a little goody like that. Shame on you America, you’re so late on your cell phone technology, it’s sick!

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