MaxUpgrades debuts MaxExpress 2-Port External eSATA (PCI Express) Host Adapter for Power Mac G5

MaxUpgrades announces availability of MaxExpress, two External Port eSATA PCI-Express Host Adapter PCI Express G5 Power Macintosh Models. MaxExpress each eSATA Port is capable of transferring 3Gb/s.

The card supports sustained data rates up to 65+ MB/sec per channel.. The MaxUpgrades MaxExpress eSATA PCI-Express adapter is particularly well-suited for users who need two or four independent external SATA Data Channels to attain 125+ MB/sec or 250+ MB/sec sustained data transfer rates for most demanding applications such as DV, HDV, DVCPRO HD, 8-bit and 10-bit uncompressed video editing . MaxExpress eSATA Adapter support RAID 0/1. It_s compatible with Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger.

More info here:

MaxUpgrades also offers MaxExpress with two internal SATA II ports that allows user to add two or four SATA II drives RAID internally in G5 Power Macintosh (PCI Express):

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  1. You don’t know the history of MaxExpres External Port eSATA PCI-Express Host Adapter, PCI Express eSATA Port i3Gb/s 65+ MB/sec per channel, MaxUpgrades MaxExpress eSATA PCI-Express adapter external SATA Data Channels 125+ MB/sec or 250+ MB/sec sustained data transfer rates for DV, HDV, DVCPRO HD, 8-bit, 10-bit uncompressed video editing or RAID 0/1. I do

  2. This is serious stuff for Enterprise-level computing. However, 90%+ of all Mac hardware goes to the 1/3 of the market dedicated to the <u>Consumer</u> … how will this help the rest of us? Other than “drool factor”, that is?

    Perhaps having this much storage potential behind it will help Apple find its way into the server room?

  3. Well Stom Druze…
    I’m interested in these items and if you have personal experience with these products, or this supplier, then please feel free to elaborate.
    But, if you speak using second hand knowledge or just plain hearsay then please, keep it to your self.

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