OSNews editor: The most annoying things about Macs and Mac OS X

“Here is a list of problems I find the most annoying about Apple’s Mac/MacOS,” Thom Holwerda writes for OSNews.com.

Holwerda’s list:
1. Mac OS X does not exactly feel fast.
2. Mac OS X is an inconsistent mess.
3. The annoying Google search field in Safari.
4. Tiger suffers from screen remnants.
5. Macs need an indicator LED for HDD activity.
6. Mail.app is a pointless email client.
7. The evil Mac OS X dock is a UI nightmare.
8. Mac OS X needs a decent uninstaller, supplied with the OS.
9. Apple needs to put more effort into backwards compatibility.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: If you read Thom Holwerda’s bio, you’ll know that he’s approaching the Mac from an outsiders’ mentality. Currently Holwerda owns two x86 boxes, one Dell laptop and a SPARC machine. Isn’t it interesting how different the lists of “Mac annoyances” look depending upon who wrote them? As Mac users from 1984, we agree only with #1, unless you’re using Mac OS X on an Intel Core Duo or a Power Mac G5 Quad, and then we don’t agree. Remember, we’re comparing the “snappiness” of the OS with Mac OS 9. Holwerda is comparing it to other OSes, but we still reach the same conclusion. We’re not seeing #4 anymore with Mac OS X 10.4.6 for Intel although we have seen it to varying degrees with past versions of Tiger on PowerPC-based Macs. Let us know what you find annoying about Macs and Mac OS X. Let us know how long you’ve been using Macs and if you started with Macs or came to them from another platform. Those factors seem to make all the difference to the content of the lists.

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  1. I totally agree with MDn that OSX to this day still doesn’t ahve the snappiness of OS9, although I’m also hearing this has changed a lot with the Intel based systems.

    As for this guys list:
    1. Ok maybe
    2. Give examples maybe
    3. Um, try ignoring the Google field
    4. No screen remnants here
    5. And LED indicator is so PC. But if you must there are shraeware solutions for that
    6. Mail.app is the only client many Mac users use, and having used many other before Mail.app I can say it works just fine
    7. The Mac OS Dock is organized perfectly fine and logically, although Im sure this guy would rather have endless aliases on his desktop to make it feel more like a junky PC box
    8. and Uninstaller for OSX? What a joke. To run Windows? Why bother.
    9. backward compatibility? Again what a joke. Ever use Classic? It’s only been going strong for 5+ years

  2. Don’t bother. Thom is an anti-mac sometimes anti- anything but MSFT lunatic. In he past he has compared Apple to Soviet Russia, and Murdering of journalists to silence critics. He is worse than paul thurrot.

    So don’t even give him the hits.

    He doesn’t have the experience or the knowledge to talk about various OS’s.

  3. This guy is completely full of it, likely following the DVORAK model to attract traffic from the Mac faithful…

    his list
    1. Mac OS X does not exactly feel fast.
    This is crap because it depends on how you use your machine.

    2. Mac OS X is an inconsistent mess.
    It has some inconsistencies, true…but like anything else, they make sense after you use them for awhile.

    3. The annoying Google search field in Safari.

    I happen to LOVE this feature
    4. Tiger suffers from screen remnants.
    Yeah…whatever…sometimes…but rarely for me.

    5. Macs need an indicator LED for HDD activity.
    There were apps in OS9 that did this (and I found them useful) but drives today are so fast that this seems a bit pointless to me.

    6. Mail.app is a pointless email client.

    I’ve had some issues with it but in general it’s a pretty good client. Is he comparing it to Entourage? Probably…Mail.app is not the best for business I agree…but it works. It needs a better PDF engine and a few other tweaks. I’d like to see Apple produce a heavy duty email client for business.

    7. The evil Mac OS X dock is a UI nightmare.

    I dunno…I like it. Compared to the “task bar” it’s far superior.

    8. Mac OS X needs a decent uninstaller, supplied with the OS.

    For most programs this is not a big deal…and many do come with uninstallers built in. He has a minor point here. There should be an OS Level uninstaller.
    9. Apple needs to put more effort into backwards compatibility.
    Huh? Classic mode wasn’t good enough? Apple is about moving forward.
    I still use Tiger on dual 450 mhz as my primary desktop (though I also use a G5 dual and a MacBook Pro 17″ laptop)…It all works pretty seamlessly.

  4. poppycock,

    You have to be kidding…

    Mail looks different than safari, which looks different than the finder, which looks different from the other iLife apps, which looks way different from garageband. I love apple too, but don’t stick your head in the sand and deny it, just because it is a put down to the mac.

  5. Networking could do with being looked at. I recently installed 8 quad G5s out of their boxes with a checklist of software and hardware so they all underwent exactly the same set up process, yet some of them can’t see the rest on the network whilst the others are fine. A Mac networking expert that I know tells me that Apple still has some problems in this area.

  6. Switched from Windows to Mac about 4 years ago. Here’s what I find annoying:

    I hate when writers provide their opinion as fact with nothing to back it up. (i.e. “Mac OS X is an inconsistent mess.” How, exactly? The entire OS is built on consistency. All the iLife apps work generally the same. In fact, most applications are built on the same principals, following the same UI guidelines.)

    Also, the “annoying Google search field in Safari?” How can that little search field up there be anything but a convenience? If you don’t like it, don’t use it. It doesn’t go out of its way to annoy you.

    I’ll agree that OS X doesn’t “feel” fast, but it’s fast enough, and I’ll sacrifice not having that Windows “snappiness” to avoid having to deal with the spyware/malware/virus/crash issues.

    MW: believe. I believe this guy scraped the bottom of the bucket to come up with that list.

  7. I see none of these supposed problems and disagree with all of them. The google search bar is the most useful tool period and I use it all of the time.
    I use the mail application as my main mail and I have absoulutely no problems. The dock is really handy to bring up my favorite applications and documents. OSX doesn’t need an uninstaller because all’s you need to do when you want something to go away is toss the appication in the trash!
    How easy is that. Uh I’m running an Intel iMac and all the applications that run on Power PC run on my intel iMac, so backwards compatability is definately working and Apple has made a big effort with this. When I work with my intel iMac the PC at work feels like a snail so speed isn’t an issue either. My Mac boots and is ready to actually use in less than 30 seconds while the PC shows the desktop but takes at least another minute before it will let you launch any applications.

    So in my opinion this guys complaints are false in everyway possible. He obviously is trying to run it like a Windows XP machine and that’s why it doesn’t work for him. If he uses OSX like it was meant to be used he would see the light and he wouldn’t complain about anything on his list because there would be no list.

  8. His first point is the only one that I agree with. I think OS X has other annoyances, but this has been thoroughly discussed in the past in other threads, so I don’t see the point to repeat. I think OS X is the best OS available.

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