Does Mac market share even need fixing?

“If you are desirous of keeping a healthy perspective on the differences between mere objects and personal philosophies the best advice is not to buy a Mac,” Chris Seibold writes for Apple Matters.

“Why not purchase the world’s greatest personal computer? Because once you do you’ll fall in love with the Mac,” Seibold writes. “You’ll wonder why more people aren’t using one, you’ll want to spread the word, you’ll become a zealot. Inevitably, you will remain confused why the Mac isn’t more popular and then you’ll begin coming up with ways to fix the Mac’s low market share blues. Here’s the trouble, the ways to ‘fix’ Apple’s market share problems are all prescriptions for a malady that simply doesn’t exist.”

“The notion that Apple has a market share problem seems obvious, but it isn’t as bad as a quick glance at the numbers indicate. The breakdown between business computer purchases and home computer purchases is roughly a 66 to 33 split. Apple chooses to compete in what roughly amounts to a third of the market. Sure, it has penetration in professional graphics, scientific and the film industry but Apple is, by and large, a consumer computer designer,” Seibold writes. “With that in mind, Apple’s market share looks much, much better. In the arena Apple competes (by default, not by choice) it performs fairly well.”

Much more in the full article here.

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  1. Oh, boy, here we go again with the “what exactly IS market share?” punditry and postulation, not to mention – what does he mean by “market”? questions, etc. While it is a positive story, it’s a bit of a back-handed “attaboy”, and he hedges his bets by not actually naming numbers, which would really open him up to some scrutiny! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  2. Forget about enterprise marketshare. The IT world is content with Microsoft- job security in fixing a system that can never be fixed. Put’s food on my table, too. Personal computing needs a revival. Microsloth ruined it. Apple needs to take it back. Totally and Completely wipe Windows from the personal market.

  3. There are only 2 issues I see with having a lower market share:

    1) Developers will flock to the platform that will make them the most money. Right now, it’s Windows. This means that we don’t get some software.

    2) Sheep, such as “No Koolaid Here”, will flock to the platform that “everyone else” is on. Therefore, with low market share, you are less likely to get the new user that goes to Wal-Mart to buy a computer.

    Apple seems to be doing pretty well. They have not stopped innovating, their stock (until recently) has done very well, they have a good pipeline of products, and their OS is the best there is. I’m not concerned.

  4. I have a thriving small business, in work that I love. It never fails to amaze me how many of my friends, who are stuck in corporate jobs (that deep down they hate), offer me advice to “fix” my business.

    Much hot air and keystrokes are similarly expended here on “fixing” Apple. They have only tripled overall sales in the past 5 years, profits are way up, and the future is very bright indeed…so, yep, Apple needs alot of fixing from armchair CEOs.

  5. I believe Apple deserves the majority of the home market.

    You should want Apple to do it’s best. If Steve thinks they’re at their best, I’m good with that and will sell my shares. If there’s no growth left and Apple pays no dividend, my money is better served elsewhere and I need to get out of AAPL.

    My opinion is based on the fact that I own a nice chunk of Apple stock that I bought for $10.03 (split adjusted) on October 19 2000 and the fact that the same stock is currently at $60 and has been at $80.

    A small 1% increase of their current market share is almost a 33% improvement.

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