OWC drops prices on SuperDrive DVD/CD Mac upgrade kits

Technology solutions provider Other World Computing (OWC) today announced an immediate price reduction, with prices as low as $44.99, on its popular SuperDrive Upgrade Kits allowing Apple users to upgrade PowerMacs, iMacs, PowerBooks, and eMacs.

Kits for these various Mac models are user-installable and allow users to burn DVDs as fast as 16X, Dual-Layer 8.5GB DVDs up to 8X, or CDs at up to 40X. DVD read speeds are up to 16X and CD Read at up to 40X.

SuperDrive Upgrade Kits available from OWC are easily installed for instant access to today’s most advanced technology. Kits are compatible with all popular Mac software such as Apple’s iLife Suite including iDVD; Apple DVD Studio Pro; Roxio Toast; and EMC Retrospect.

For users with multiple machines or who would prefer an external solution, Other World Computing offers the award-winning OWC Mercury Pro 16X DVD/8X Dual Layer/40XCDRW SuperDrive FireWire+USB2 Combo Solution with easy plug-and-play connection for just $129.99.

All kits come with required cabling/mounting hardware. Packages also may include a selection of applicable CD and/or DVD burning media, NTI DragonBurn 4.0 CD/DVD Authoring software, and/or EMC Retrospect Backup software for complete protection through fast, easy-to-use backups.

More info: http://eshop.macsales.com/shop/optical-drives/superdrives/

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  1. Well, since it mentions “PowerMacs, iMacs, PowerBooks, and eMacs”, and makes NO mention of MacBooks, then,… my guess would be NO.

    Why do people ask OBVIOUSLY stupid questions just to post?

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    You kinda sound like that orangutan. I liked that stupid monkey. He was great.


  3. They can use pretty much any drive–I put a $20 DVD-ROM from MicroCenter in my G3 as a five minute operation.

    The prices these guys are charging are fine, and I believe the sell point is that these will be recognized as the same as OEM drives, so will will work with previous iLife versions where iDVD worked with Apple-provided drives only.

  4. Wow, i love how everyone on this board has little or no comment towards the upgrade of optical drives, but rather the dissing and ill-will towards other comments of the afformentioned upgrades…

  5. To Triumph:

    If “triumph” for you is the denegration and humiliation of others, you must be a lonely and disatisfied man. As you measure to others, …

    Come away from that. You’ve got to be better than you read.

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