Apple says MacBook heat issues due to plastic strip

Apple has addressed the MacBook heat issue in a tech note on their website, “MacBook may run warm because rear vent is blocked.”

Some MacBook computers may appear to be running too warm, with the fan running consistently and heat emanating from the top and/or the bottom of the computer.

If this happens with your MacBook, check the rear vent of the MacBook to make sure it’s not blocked.

Some MacBooks may have left the factory with a thin piece of clear plastic covering the rear vent. This is used in the factory to prevent dust from getting into your computer. If your MacBook has the plastic still over the vent, simply remove and discard it.

If your MacBook does not have the thin piece of clear plastic over the vent but is running warm, see article 30612, “Apple Notebooks: Operating Temperature.”

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  1. MacDailyNews’ “Related article” is your friend. Don’t shy away from clicking it if you have further questions as doing so will almost answer your queries or show your post to be redundant before you waste everyone’s time posting dumb questions or obvious drivel.

  2. This is a Quality Control issue of the assembly plant that made the computers. Apparently, some MacBooks don’t have the piece of plastic over the vent. This leads me to believe that Apple’s instructions are to remove them before leaving the assembly plant, because in some cases this was removed properly. The assembly plant should be held responsible, specifically the Quality Assurance Manager.

  3. I’m calling BS on this one. I’ve sampled several MacBooks WITH NO PLASTIC STRIP covering the vents, and these babies are ridiculously hot. Far, far from G3 clamshell iBooks that get slightly warm, or G4 iBooks that really don’t get warm at all.

    Core Duo Rev. B, anyone?

    MDN Magic Word: function. Speaks for itself.

  4. Amazing that Apple actually admits that these things are burning hot!

    The real answer – cooler operation – will come with the next generation of Apple laptops. That’ll be the ultimate admission that the current scorchers are bad, bad, bad. And don’t tell me it’s the ‘industry standard’ or other such bulls***! It’s not.

    That’s the reason and the only reason I’m waiting to buy the most expensive MacBook Pro they sell.

    Won’t Steve and the boys ever learn not to start taking our money until their product is ready for market?

  5. Silver,

    I could have sworn that the sign on the store said “Apple” as did the name on the machine.

    And, wasn’t it Steve Jobs himself who introduced the idiot in the funny suit that he was putting inside the machines bearing the Apple logo?

    Just didn’t tell us the laptops would double as a space heaters.

    Now, who is the moron here?

  6. Silver-

    Look in the mirror and not through the glass buddy. You are so wrong.

    Apple is responsible for housing the processor in such away that the processor can function in the manner it was designed.

    This is the reason Apple never put the G5 in the powerbook – too hot. Had they put the G5 in the powerbook and had a bunch of bitching would you then say that was the chip makers problem or Apples?

    Apple is responsible for designing the accomadation for the processor, not the processor.

    [Can we have this guys posting privileges revoked?]

    MDN word: light – We’re waiting for your light to come on!

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