iPapi: Boston Red Sox slugger Ortiz, others talk Apple iPods

“David Ortiz, in the process of changing into workout gear yesterday, leans over and opens a Louis Vuitton shoulder bag that could — out of earshot of Ortiz — be called a man purse. While explaining that it’s hard for him to pass an Apple store without buying an iPod, he unzips the bag and pulls out a black version, one of five he owns, and scrolls through the hundreds of songs in search of some video,” Amalie Benjamin reports for The Boston Globe. “While the Colorado Rockies, according to a story Friday in the Denver Post, have taken to using their iPods to try to find their way out of slumps, downloading seasons of at-bats, the Red Sox surveyed weren’t sure how that would play in Boston. Though Ortiz and Curt Schilling are faithful video viewers on flights, Ortiz said not too many on the team take advantage of the time in the air, with some players rarely taking video out of the clubhouse.”

“Alex Cora, for one, thinks that might be healthy. ‘Personally, I’m a big video guy, always watching video and comparing,’ said Cora, who borrowed Manny Ramírez’s lime green iPod yesterday after recently misplacing his own… ‘But video stuff can be very, very positive, but it can be very, very negative. You’re going to see your bad at-bats over and over again. If you don’t make an adjustment, then you’re going to go back and see what you’re doing wrong, and then you panic,'” Benjamin reports. “So, for now — despite registering some interest in the concept — hitting coach Ron Jackson is going to leave the iPods to their primary use: music. Though, he added, many of his players use them for visualization, for relaxation, in the clubhouse, in the batting cage, and even in the dugout. ‘It’s something to think about for the future, if they come out with a bigger iPod,’ Jackson said. ‘That would be nice. That would be good. Technology has really just taken off. A lot of guys are doing it right now and you’d never know. They may have it downloaded right now. You never know.'”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Gary G.” for the heads up.]
Manny’s still using his iPod mini?

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  1. David Beckham has a biiig iPod! Go USA in the WORLD CUP of soccer. You know the World Cup where every nation gets to compete. Not just two or three as in Baze-bol, or American football (played with the hands).

  2. You’re missing the point, guys. Baseball players are using the iPod as a training tool. The article focused on visualizing at bats and making improvements, but I imagine that if they asked a pitcher they’d find an application there as well. The video capabilities have allowed them to move their training outside of the training room, giving players the opportunity to focus on their training during their travel time.

    Not only is it a novel use of the iPod, it probably can be applied to other sports or businesses. It’s not just about entertainment. I think this is a good thing–especially for Apple.

  3. East Coast teams suck.

    There, I’ve said it. Outside of New York and Boston, the rest of us are damn sick of haring about the Yankees and the Red Sox all the time from self-obsessed fans with no life who have nothing better to do than gawk like 5-year-olds in hero worship of their steroid-enhanced, overpaid, oversexed, overhyped media darlings.

    Puhlease. Get a life.

    It’s much healthier to spend your time talking to your neighbor or walking your dog, or at least cheering for slightly-less-overpaid friendly Midwestern athletes like Albert Pujols, who unfortunately may have just lost his chance to break the single-season RBI record by going on the disabled list for the first time in his career. And with only a 3 game lead in the NL Central and the relief staff struggling…

    Oh, ummm… what was I saying about obsessing? Nevermind.

    Go Cards!

  4. David E – I said nothing disparaging about the Tigers! And with their current record, no one else is either. Implying that they could easily go to the postseason counts as “nice” with me. (Actually, I tend to forget that they moved out of the AL East b<>eight years ago</b>, and are no longer division rivals. But hey, what’s eight years to the baseball history of Detroit, Boston and New York…?)

    And when I ready the article, I assumed Manny had bought some sort of lime green case for his iPod. But maybe he is still using a mini…

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