Keane’s number one in jeopardy after iTunes error posts album early

“British rockers Keane are devastated their chances of getting to number one in the album charts later this month have been jeopardised by an iTunes blunder. The band’s second album may not reach the top spot because the online music store accidentally put Under the Iron Sea on sale on their Belgium site last Tuesday – two weeks ahead of the official release,” Contactmusic News reports.

Brief article here.

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  1. I’m sure they’ll be devestated. Not.

    Who cares about ‘charts’ these days? As if they mean anything, when manufactured bands can make it to number 1 and be ‘the best’.

  2. If these are their worries in life, then they have no worries. I hate it when greedy people get upset about not having enough or not being number one.

    Go work at a local church’s food depository handing out groceries to those without any money at all. They still smile and hold a small amount of hope in their heart, and cherish what little they have.

    When was the last time you cared for someone without any thought about your own needs?

    Greed is why the world looks the way it does; with fat American children and starving African children. Millions of people starving doesn’t make for good TV, and doesn’t sell millions of dollars in advertising.

    World compassion isn’t as instantly gratifying as personal gluttony.

    You’re not #1? So?!

  3. Whether something is posted on iTunes or not depends on the actual artist/record label. Any misspelled words, pricing errors, etc are therefore not Apple’s fault. They should learn how to use the tools provided before updating their iTMS info.

  4. Hold on a sec..doesn’t this pre-release snafu and it’s subsequent hullabaloo
    actually serve to HYPE the release?!? If this news actually generates press for the band, then it would seem it was more of a PUBLICITY STUNT and NOT a Wrong Again mentioned, the bands/labels package the the data BEFORE iTunes posts it..

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