Mindjet brings MindManager 6 Software to Apple’s Mac OS X

Mindjet Corporation, the leading provider of productivity software for visualizing and managing information, today announced the release of Mindjet MindManager 6 Mac for Apple’s Mac OS X. MindManager 6 Mac enables individuals and teams to visually connect and synthesize ideas. The new application extends the power and creativity of visual ‘mapping’ to Mac users, including everyone from marketing professionals to media content providers to students, faculty and administrators in all levels of education.

“One of the biggest challenges companies face is finding better ways to stimulate and then harness innovative thinking,” said Mindjet CEO Robert Gordon in the press release. “The problem is that most technology is so relentlessly linear and text-driven that it actually hinders creative thinking. Mindjet, like Apple, offers users another way of working that supports the visual, nonlinear way people actually think. MindManager 6 Mac sparks new ideas—and then helps quickly turn those ideas into blueprints for action.”

“Apple has a very strong presence among creative professionals and students who appreciate the ease of use and stability of the Mac platform,” said Ron Okamoto, Apple’s Vice President of Worldwide Developer Relations, in the press release. “With its elegant interface and an intuitive way of organizing information—hallmarks of Apple’s brand—MindManager 6 Mac will quickly find its place within the Mac community as a key productivity tool.”

MindManager has become one of the most popular visual mapping productivity software packages on Windows-based PCs. Today worldwide there are over 750,000 and growing users of the software in businesses ranging from small start-ups to major international corporations.

Among the first users of MindManager 6 Mac is British Polar adventurer and record breaker long distance skier Ben Saunders. Commenting on the new software he said:

“Expeditions are complex affairs where you only get one chance to be right and the smallest error can be deadly. I’ve used a variety of organizational technologies over the last few years, but MindManager is by far the most effective I’ve come across. It has allowed me to stay in control of million-dollar projects that juggle everything from sponsor relations to sledge design. I see it as an essential piece of my Polar expedition kit. Now that Mindjet has released the new MindManager version for the Mac, I have the planning solution I need on the platform I prefer.” Ben Saunders is a record-breaking long-distance skier, with three North Pole expeditions under his belt. He is the youngest person ever to ski solo to the North Pole and holds the record for the longest solo Arctic journey by a Briton. Between 2001 and 2004, Ben has skied more than 2,000km (1,250 miles) in the high Arctic. Not one to rest on his laurels, Ben has another groundbreaking polar expedition lined up for 2006. For more information please visit http://www.bensaunders.com

MindManager 6 Mac users jump start new projects or plans by first capturing the interaction of brainstorming sessions. They can then further develop their thinking by attaching or linking to a wide range of information types, including web sites, email addresses, documents and audio, video or image files. But the real power of MindManager comes into play when it is time to put those ideas into action. The map interface enables users to create assignments and due dates to quickly implement those ideas – all in a single, clearly understood and easily organized visual document. Anything mapped out in MindManager 6 Mac—from project plans and marketing campaigns to lecture notes and research reports—can be shared with co-workers or classmates using either Mac or Windows.

Built using Apple’s Universal binary code, MindManager 6 Mac runs natively on Intel-based Macintosh computers for increased performance.

System requirements for MindManager 6 Mac:
• Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger or greater
• Macintosh computer with PowerPC G3, G4 or G5 processor
• 733 Mhz (recommended: G4, G5 with 1.25 Mhz or greater or Intel Core Duo 1.67 Ghz or greater)
• 256 MB RAM (512 MB RAM recommended)
• 70 MB hard disk space; monitor resolution of 800X600 (1024X768 recommended)

MindManager 6 Mac pricing starts from £149.00. The software is also available through approved resellers or directly from Mindjet with volume and academic discounts available.

More info here.
[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader Massimo for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Take: Hmmm. People sure seem to be interested in developing products for Apple’s Mac OS X lately. How curious? Whatever could their market research charts be showing them? wink

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  1. About time our British Labour Government used something like MindManager instead of relying on Microsoft as it always does… resulting in a failure or two:

    1) Medical records of 50m health service patients will be more than two years late and three times over budget at £20 billion.

    2) Taxpayers’ money wasted through public sector fraud and mismanagement is up by 33 per cent in two years.

    3) Tax credits have been overpaid by about £2 billion for the second year running.

    Microsoft is very happy with the situation as the government pumps more of our money in it its coffers…

  2. Besides some dedicated corporate apps, MindManager is one of those Windows only apps that I use extensively. I tried using NovaMind and OmniGraffle on the Mac, and while they are pretty good, they don’t quite have the same “polish” as MindManager. Definitely a welcome addition. Hopefully they’ll offer some special cross-grade pricing.

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