Adobe sentences GoLive to death

“During the Adobe Live event, Robert Raiola of Adobe Systems France said that Adobe will halt the development of Freehand and GoLive, according to MacGeneration… Adobe will concentrate all its efforts on Illustrator 13 and Dreamweaver (which will have a new interface similar to other adobe products). The canning of Freehand and GoLive is no big surprise. Since Adobe purchased Macromedia, the company had two illustration packages (Freehand and Illustrator) and two web design apps (GoLive and Dreamweaver) in its repertoire. As these products were previously competitors, it seemed likely only one in each category would survive,” Dennis Sellers reports for Macsimum News.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Adobe has done a good job by keeping the best apps overall in each category. We would have picked Illustrator and Dreamweaver over Freehand and GoLive respectively, too. Hopefully, Adobe will find ways to take the good ideas in Freehand and GoLive and integrate them into Illustrator and Dreamweaver.

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  1. Do we get a refund for purchasing Creative Suite that contains a no longer supported package?

    Magic Word issue as in this is a real issue unless they will replace it with Dreamweaver for free.

  2. Sad, really really sad if this becomes true.

    I like both Freehand and GoLive, think they’re both better than Illustrator and Dreamweaver which are – for me, personally – harder to handle.

    Hope this is not the last word spoken in that case.

  3. I’ve been using GoLive for years … and, before it, Adobe PageMill.
    I wonder if Adobe will allow an upgrade path for GoLive Users to transfer to Dreamweaver when the time comes?

    MDN Magic Word: “really” … as in it’s really annoying to have to learn new software.

  4. I figured this would happen. I’ve gotten pretty much used to Illustrator (although I still pull FH10 out of the closet now and again), but I’ve never liked Dreamweaver much. Here’s hoping that CS3 will feature Frustrator and DreamLiver – new apps with the best of both worlds.

  5. No surprises there. And good riddance, too.

    Bildad: “Do we get a refund for purchasing Creative Suite that contains a no longer supported package?” Never buy an application because you think it will be around forever. For most single-user apps, if it doesn’t live up to its value over a year or two, it’s not worth it.

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