OWC announces 1GB and 2GB MacBook and MacBook Pro memory upgrade kits

New 1GB and 2GB memory upgrade kits for Apple Computer Inc.’s new MacBook and MacBook Pro models are now available worldwide from Other World Computing (OWC) starting at just $99 with a Lifetime Advance Replacement Warranty.

Apple’s new MacBook and MacBook Pro both back a lot of power with their Intel Dual-Core processors running 1.83GHz to 2.16GHz. OWC 1GB and 2GB DDR2 667MHz SO-DIMM memory upgrade kits give users the RAM to fully tap that potential.

Apple recommends that their MacBook and MacBook Pro models be upgraded with matched-size memory pairs to maximize system performance, which is just what you get with either of the OWC Upgrade Kits. The 1GB OWC matched pair memory kit is only $99 and the 2GB matched pair upgrade kit is only $225.

OWC 1GB and 2GB upgrade kits are easily installed via the MacBook and MacBook Pro user-upgradeable memory slots. Apple allows for user installation of these MacBook memory upgrades without warranty violation and instructions are provided in every MacBook and MacBook Pro user manual. OWC also offers an online video showing the step-by-step installation process as well.

Other World Computing is an Apple Developer Connection Premiere member and OWC memory upgrades meet Apple’s electrical and mechanical design requirements. OWC maintains an active state-of-the-art test lab at its main headquarters for ongoing in-unit testing in all Apple models it sells memory for to ensure the highest product quality and reliability.

Because of its thorough testing and optimum reliability, OWC memory is backed by a money-back guarantee and Lifetime Advance Replacement Warranty. In addition, OWC also offers customers a trade-in rebate when original memory that is replaced with an OWC upgrade is sent back to OWC.

Other World Computing has established a reputation as the leader for providing top shelf memory upgrades for Apple Computers since 1988.

The new line of memory kit upgrades for the new Intel Dual-Core MacBook and MacBookPro is available at http://eshop.macsales.com/shop/memory/MacBook/DDR2/Upgrade

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  1. A lower price and you get to keep the memory you replaced? Wonder what else I could plug those babies into! Maybe my G5?

    It’s pretty sad when Apple’s price for memory is slightly higher than another’s – even after they get to keep the replaced sticks. Not much of a bargain unless you can put the original sticks to use (or sell them) – not for the 1 GB, anyway – but a (price) point has been made.
    At 2 GB?
    Apple = $500 – they keep the 512
    OWC = $225 – you keep the 512
    The difference? Your warrantee covers the possibility of an errant spark during installation. And a Static Strap costs … $5?

  2. Apple’s price is definitely way too high. On the other hand, I really hate it when Apple blames their problems on third party memory (or third party anything) and tells you to replace them with the original (if you’ve even kept it) to see if that is the problem. Of course, on rare occasions, it even is the problem.

  3. I just got a MBP and am looking to upgrade the RAM. How importaint is “matched pair”? I already have 1gb (1 stick).

    Would I see a difference between say getting another Samsung 1gb chip vs. buying the OWC “matched pair”? Anyone know?

    I guess if I cared that much about performance I would have gone for the 7200rpm option.

  4. Escaport,
    7200 rpm MacBook? I wish! No such animal.
    Re the “matched” pair, they don’t have to be the same brand, or from the same company; their specs just have to match exactly.

  5. Thanks for the link stantheman. I just purchased a 1gb chip.

    Than satisfies Toby! Actually this will be my second maxed out Mac. I have a Ti 800 DVI maxed which is what this replaces.

    Jake. I said I purchased a MacBook Pro (MBP). I got the 17″ which has a 7200rpm option. Thanks about the brand thing. That is what was confusing me. I thought that there might be some extra benefit by having the same brand.

  6. > Even better, outpost.com has Patriot and Kingston
    > memory for $160:
    > Kingston:
    > http://shop2.outpost.com/product/4815980
    > Patriot:
    > http://shop2.outpost.com/product/4789099
    > I’ve heard good things about Patriot from people
    > around here. Kingston I’m not sure. I’ve used
    > ValueRAM in my mac mini (G4) and it worked fine, but
    > I thought someone around here said they had issues
    > with it. Meh. They’re the same price anyways ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

    Just so you know I called Outpost.com and the Patriot IS compatible with the MacBook pro 2.0 ghz white

    Great price for 2GB RAM!!!

    Okay I see a lot of posts here about what ram they should buy. If you want 2GB I would reccomend this:


    2GB RAM for only $160 now thats a deal!

    It is Mac compatible I called outpost.com, Frys is a store here in Austin and this is their website so it is a secure website.

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