Cooling your Apple MacBook Pro

“If you ask people what they think about the MacBook Pro, currently the flagship of Apple’s portable computing line, you’ll get comments about its powerful processor and impressive speed, its ability to dual-boot OS X and Windows, and—if the person actual owns one—probably some complaints about how danged hot the thing gets. While some have looked to Apple to remedy the problem, others have taken matters into their own hands and gotten some noticable results.,” Tanya Klowden reports for Ars Technica.

“The short version of the story so far is that earlier users who cracked open their cases found bountiful amounts of thermal paste (which conducts the heat away from the processor to, in this case, everything else) and, when they reapplied said paste correctly saw significant temperature decreases,” Klowden reports.

More info in the full article here.

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  1. I wish that there was a way for the user to decrease the point at which the fans start to rev up. Sure if I listen real closely I can now hear the fans running a little more but I’d rather have them ramp up a little more in order to get a cooler laptop. Yes I said laptop because I want a portable Mac computer that I can use on my lap.

    Would it be so hard to give us an option of a quieter computer or a cooler computer? That could be an option in the system preferences without much effort on Apple’s part.

  2. This technique doesn’t actually do anything. From the article:

    “Davidson speculates that the thermal paste application, ghastly as it may look, doesn’t make a signficant difference.”

  3. The only conclusion that you can make is that laptop B was 2 degrees cooler than laptop A. There are no pre- and post- comparisions, and 2 degrees is probably within normal variation of what you would expect across a sample of the same model of laptops. The only way to know if

    Totally useless story. I can’t believe he went through all that trouble without measuring temps before re-doing the thermal paste.

  4. So…if the paste really is the issue, and re-applying it would make the case cooler, doesn’t that mean the processors would be hotter, and therefore, perhaps, get fried?

    Either way, I hope the next revision of the laptop is cooler. Seems like a pretty serious problem they need to fix.

  5. The fact is the guy screwed up and then wrote a screwed up story.

    He didn’t seem to use software to monitor the temps over time with CPU’s maxed out in a controlled enviroment.

    He’s so way off base…

  6. After running World of Warcraft for several hours (taxing both CPU and GPU), my 17″ MBP isn’t too much hotter than my old Ti 800 or my Al 1.67. I would say with in a couple of degrees. Quite warm, but I could place my hand on the hottest part and keep it there indefinatly. Maybe I’m just lucky to have gotten a cool one.

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