It must be getting really bad: Microsoft brings back the towels

“Two years after it took the ax to a range of employee benefits, Microsoft is introducing new perks for its staff. The plan, known as MyMicrosoft, was unveiled to the Redmond, Wash., masses this week,” Jo Best reports for CNET News. “It also revealed that ‘the towels are back,’ referring to the popular towel-laundering service for sweaty staff washing at work after exercising or cycling in to campus, a perk that was axed in the benefits cull in 2004. Those cutbacks followed a call by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer for the software giant to make $1 billion worth of cuts. At the time, he warned that even Microsoft’s free soda policy was under review… Now, after a series of high-profile defections, including that of Kai-Fu Lee, who founded Microsoft’s Chinese Labs, to Google, Microsoft is reversing its earlier stance.”

Full article here.
[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Sketchtrain” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Take: That’ll fix everything. We know why they’re really sweating in Redmond now, don’t we? Seriously, forget the towels, they’re all going to need new underpants soon.

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  1. Their benefits are still way better than Apple’s, so I would not laugh, monkey boys.

    I work at Apple’s Austin offices and benefits from Apple include occasional free popcorn and nachos. Whoopie!!!!!!

  2. I guess I can cotton to that. MS was taking a bath.
    The employees dished the dirt and wanted to terry apart the place before they fold. Nice blanket statement. It’s a wash, I guess. Hand it to ’em?

  3. Free towel with every copy of Vista.

    You’re going to need one to dry the tears when you find out the upgrades your computer will need to run the premium version.

    They copy Tiger and need more RAM, CPU speed and a more powerful video card than Tiger needs just to run the copy. They copy and they still can’t get it right.

  4. >Tom Strong–I work at Apple’s Austin offices and benefits from Apple include occasional free popcorn and nachos. Whoopie!!!!!!>

    If you don’t like it, work somewhere else. You’re like the schoolkids of today. “Where’s my breakfast. Where’s my lunch?”

    You get paid to work and contribute, not snack.

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