iTWire’s Beer: My next notebook is an Apple MacBook

“Whatever else you may think of Apple, it is a company that makes top quality hardware. Now along comes MacBook, an Intel notebook made by Apple, capable of running Windows in dual boot mode, packed with power, with all these plug and play features built-in, and very reasonably priced. I’m in the market for a notebook so what am I going to do? I have been a long time campaigner for mandatory three-year warranties on all PC notebooks. My last two notebooks, an HP and a Toshiba, clapped out on me within two years. I figured I deserved better for $2000. Judging by the mounds of Apple faithful who assure me, I’m fairly certain that a MacBook isn’t going to give up on me within three years. Anyway, at a starting price of $1099 plus the cost of Windows, I’m prepared to take the gamble,” Stan Beer writes for iTWire.

“I’m not a fan of Mac OSX, mainly because I’ve got all this stuff stored on my Windows desktops and it would be a real hassle to move over to an alien world. However, if I can also have a Windows partition on my disk, then I can take advantage of all of the nifty things that I’ve been told the Mac OSX can do without me fiddling around, while doing the work I need to do in Windows,” Beer writes. “Given that I have been a DOS and Windows user for 20 years, the fact that I am seriously considering buying a MacBook should be ringing alarm bells and sending shivers down the collective spines of Dell, Acer, Lenovo, HP, Toshiba and all the other PC notebook makers.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Richard K.” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Take: Behold the power of Boot Camp. Let them have their Windows “insecurity blanket” now. Let them sample Mac OS X. Let nature take its course. Embrace and extinguish, just like we said.

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  1. It is not about a security blanket. I too need essential windows apps for my job. Now that Macs run Windows they become much more usefull. MDN needs to grow up. It is a multiple OS world we live and work in.

  2. John,

    MDN is spot on. Most people are terrified of change. This lets them take what they think they need (Windows) with them and then they can find out for themselves whether they really need Windows or not.

  3. As a leader of lemmings, MDN at the front of the line leading the faithful over the cliff.

    I bet Steve is way back at HQ on top of the hill watching the slaughter.

    When it’s over, he announces too bad about the demise of Macintosh the Great, but that leaves us as the seller of high dollar Windows enclosures that look vaguely like our flagship product the iPod, now in 57 varieties of screen sizes, colors, and gimmicks.

  4. So he wants to keep using Windows because he has a lot of stuff on his desktop? huh?

    stuff like documnets? documents that will open on a Mac?

    Or stuff like applications? applications he won’t need like Norton Anti-virus or applications he can’t get on a Mac like Microsoft Project small business edition SP3 pro extreme?

  5. Dear John,
    What besides M$ Office do you need M$ Windows for at your place of business? I am guessing nothing. Go get a Mac, install NeoOffice (for Word documents, Excel files and PowerPoint files) and use Mail and iCal to get your Exchange mail and Exchange events.

    The best thing is your respiratory system will improve because you will be able to breathe easier during the course of the day.

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