Nintendo’s Wii steals show at Electronic Entertainment Expo

“Nintendo Co. Ltd.’s new Wii video game console, considered the underdog in the console wars because it lacks the high-definition graphics and multimedia features of its rivals, is stealing the show at this week’s Electronic Entertainment Expo trade show. The wait to try out the Wii at E3 pushed past four hours on Thursday afternoon, while the wait for hands-on time with Sony Corp.’s (6758.T: Quote, Profile, Research) PlayStation 3 was barely 30 minutes. Both consoles will hit the market later this year, though the Wii is expected to cost much less than rival consoles,” Kemp Powers reports for Reuters. “The Wii (pronounced ‘we’) uses a motion-sensor enabled controller that looks like a TV remote and allows users to direct action on the screen by wielding it like a sword or swinging it like a baseball bat, tennis racket or golf club. ‘It’s basically a whole different thing from anything I’ve seen before,’ said Josef Faulkner, who had been waiting in line for three hours to get his hands on Wii. He still had an hour to go. ‘This is definitely the biggest thing here.'”

“‘You have to play (Wii) in order to understand what it is,’ said Don James, Nintendo’s executive vice president of operations. James said the company knew that lots of people would be drawn to Wii, but he was surprised by the sheer numbers,” Powers reports. “The enduring image of the show might end up being the enormous line, which snakes completely around Nintendo’s floor space.”

Full article here.

Nintendo gave TIME the first look at Wii here.

MacDailyNews Take: Is this Apple-related? Strictly, no. But, we tend to root for the underdog here, especially when they produce what looks like a winner. Watch out Sony and Microsoft, some people just want their games to be fun with controls that don’t require an ambidextrous murder-bent sadistic octopus with a Ph.D. to operate.

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  1. Jay,

    The designation of underdog usually isn’t based on much more than public image and perception. Nintendo didn’t do GREAT with the GameCube by comparison. They’re fighting the perception that Nintendo is for kids. In the market, they’re very much the underdog because many people think so.

  2. Can’t believe they named it ‘Wee’ instead of ‘Revolution’. Does ‘Wee’ not mean ‘to urinate’ in the US like it does in the UK. It’s like calling it the Nintendo Piss.

    Not as bad as the Toyota MR-2 in France, admittidly, but it’s still a stupid name.

  3. This will be interesting. Sony may be shooting themselves in the foot with the price they’re looking to get.
    I think I heard Wii is going to sell for $250?
    Will the majority wait a year for the price to drop on Sony?
    I hate to see Xbox become the market leader.
    Who wants to bet sony drops the price when it releases by $100 in November.

  4. The comment about Nintendo being the underdogs because of perception is right on.
    The reason Wii will succeed is that the people who perceive Nintendo as “kiddie” “uncool” etc. are not Nintendo’s demographic with this console. Nintendo is going for everyone else. The snot-nosed teenagers can go buy their XBOx 360 or PS3. Wii is for the rest of us.
    I know Nintendo’s strategy is working. We have a Gamecube that I picked up dirt cheap on eBay. I love the system and have a blast playing Metroid, Zelda, etc. My wife has never had an interest in games. But then I picked up Animal Crossing – she hasn’t put it down since. She plays it DAILY. That’s Wii in a nutshell. It will appeal to people like my wife, and people like me, who grew up with video games (2600, NES, SNES) but think gaming became too confusing and too violent, etc.
    Nintendo is filling a void, and there’s no doubt in my mind, Wii is going to be very successful.
    As an Apple fan, I see a lot of parallels between Nintendo and Apple. Both are VERY innovative, and have had some tough times (Virtual Boy, GameCube, etc.) In this case, Wii’s simplicity and innovation will give Nintendo a rebirth of sorts – like Apple did with iPod.
    Cool stuff really.

  5. I’ve never had a games consol, but have often been on the brink of buying one.

    I’m going to get this one if the price is any where near what they say it’s going to be.

    Nintendo first.
    Sony is a consideration.
    Microsoft, however good or bad they are, are out of the question.

    Yes, I’m extremely predjudiced.

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