GOP offers Special Republican Edition Apple iPod

So, you want you very own Special Republican Edition Apple iPod? Here’s how:

1. Create Your Party: First – set up your May 22 GOP House Party today.* When you create your party, you’ll also be able to set up your MyGOP site with grassroots goals tied to the party – whether it’s grassroots fundraising for a Republican victory in November, recruiting volunteers, or registering new voters.

2. Fundraise for MyGOP: As a special thank you, the hosts of the five MyGOP house parties that raise the most money for the Republican Party through MyGOP from 10 or more friends will receive a Special Republican Edition iPod (video-capable).

3. There really is no step three: The top five money-raising MyGOP house parties receive Special Republican Edition iPods.

* A GOP House Party is a grassroots tool that brings together people who support the President and the Republican ticket.

More info:

Get the new iMac with Intel Core Duo for as low as $31 A MONTH with Free shipping!
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Apple’s new Mac mini. Intel Core, up to 4 times faster. Starting at just $599. Free shipping.
Apple’s brand new iPod Hi-Fi speaker system. Home stereo. Reinvented. Available now for $349 with free shipping.
iPod. 15,000 songs. 25,000 photos. 150 hours of video. The new iPod. 30GB and 60GB models start at just $299. Free shipping.
Connect iPod to your television set with the iPod AV Cable. Just $19.
iPod Radio Remote. Listen to FM radio on your iPod and control everything with a convenient wired remote. Just $49.

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  1. Oh boy, this is gonna start a fight.

    “Any man under 30 who is not a liberal has no heart, and any man over 30 who is not a conservative has no brains.” — Winston Churchill

  2. 1- Can only be purchased on credit and costs 20x more than list price, thereby running a huge deficit.
    2- Attacks other mp3 players, even when not provoked.
    3- Is actually an off-brand mp3 player in disguise.
    4- Runs completely on oil.

  3. Does it come loaded with all the greatest hits of the Republican Party?

    A few that come to mind:

    For Iraq:

    Pretenders – “My City Was Gone”
    Bloodhound Gang – “Fire, Water, Burn”
    Kansas – “Dust in the Wind”
    Pink Floyd – The entire “Final Cut” album
    The Beatles – “Help!”

    For the NSA:
    Hall & Oates – “Private Eyes” (they’re watching you!)
    Alan Parsons Project – “Eye in the Sky”

    And the rest…

    Supertramp – Bloody Well RIGHT
    Billy Joel – You May Be RIGHT
    Jesus Jones – RIGHT Here, RIGHT Now
    Free – All RIGHT Now
    Any Fox New Channel Bumper music

    And let’s not forget, the President’s theme song:
    Pink Floyd – Brain Damage

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