The Great Wall of Apple Boxes

“A while back, I mentioned about all the Mac minis that my company goes thru. I decided to start keeping the boxes as we got them. After a couple months, the collection [of all kinds of Apple boxes] is getting pretty good. In the loft of my house I’ve decided to just start building The Great Wall of Apple Boxes,” Brian writes for FreeMacBlog. “Also, when my neice comes over she likes to build little houses to knock over. (Well, I build them, she knocks them over.) If you’ve ever been to a Macworld Keynote, you know how much the Apple team cares about the packaging. Steve Jobs will usually introduce the product and then show the box that it will ship in. (Strangely, that draws more applause.) Apple makes such nice packaging that it feels strange to throw the boxes away. What do you do with the boxes that your Apple products come in? (PS, I’ll give a $10 iTMS gift certificate to the first person to list all the boxes in that picture.)”

Full article with photo here.

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  1. ron, thanks for the advice, but I like to run a clean system. I’m not going to go to the trouble of installing and constantly upgrading an additional piece of software just so I can occasionally visit some crap site that just copies other peoples’ hard work and runs ads on their very words. I don’t come by here very much anymore anyways.

    Btw., I LOVE Little Boxes! The version of Malvina singing it solo with acoustic guitar, shaky, out of tune voice and all is my favourite.

  2. OK, I give up!

    What’s that very dark box between the Airport Express and the iPod cable?
    What’s that box at the very top?

    About everything else can be easily identified unless he wants something more specific than “Core Duo iMac” or “G5 Xserve”.

  3. I used to work at Shreve Systems. We were a major refurbisher / reseller (Mac and Apple II only). If any of you guys are old timers you have probably heard of us. Anyway it was 50,000 square feet of Apple boxes, like nothing you’ve ever seen.

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