Apple 17-inch MacBook Pro units hit users’ hot little hands

MacDailyNews readers are reporting Fedex trucks have delivered their 17-inch MacBook Pro units this morning (the whole situation is quite vexing, as we still await our order).

AppleInsider corroborates, “The first of Apple Computer’s new 17-inch MacBook Pro professional notebook began arriving in the hands of its US-based customers on Monday… One Mac user, who was among the first to place orders for the new notebook on April 24th, said his 17-inch MacBook arrived via FedEx on Monday. The new notebook shipped to the user from Shanghai by way of Alaska.”

Readers as far apart as Louisiana and California reported being surprised as their tracking reports still said May 10 as the Fedex truck arrived.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Foul! We now commence staring at the street corner and waiting for the Fedex truck to round it. To all those who’ve received their 17-inch MBPs: You lucky…

We’ll update this article with our delivery date and time when it happens.

[UPDATE: 5/10, 10:27am EDT: Our PowerBook 17-inch order has arrived!!!]

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  1. Well I hope these don’t go through the heat issue
    the 15″ did.

    Who will be the first to open it up so we can see how much thermal compound was applied to the heat sink rail……” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” /> Humm buller?? buller???

    ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  2. I read that article about the thermal compound, but I am not sure what I should try to do about it as an owner of 15″MBP. Is there any official response from Apple on these claims? My MBP gets hot, but so does my 12″PB, so I can’t tell if “my” heat is abnormal and can be changed.

  3. not trying to be pedantic, but the title of the article is just:

    “First 17-inch MacBook Pros land in users hands”

    the MDN title is:

    “Apple 17-inch MacBook Pro units hit users’ hot little hands”

    the article makes no mention of the hands being “hot” or “little”.

  4. All this excitement about the arrival of more an more Mac Intel machines is badly misplaced.

    The faster the Intel takeover, the sooner you’ve seen the last of the Mac OS and the onset of virus-laden Mac world as the notion of running Windows on Apple machines is somehow a good thing.

    It is not a good thing. It is the end of life as we in the Mac community have known it. One day soon, we shall be no more.

    Call it FUD, all you Intel lovers – like a bunch of cattle, you are being led to slaughter!

    And, the worst of it – it’s Apple’s own chosen path to exit the OS business in favor of the more profitable hardware/iPod/Pixar model.

  5. Dark Day:

    The Intel Switch doesn’t bother me, newer faster machines – great.

    However if Apple ever drop OS X for Windows, that will be the last day I buy an Apple product. I know a lot of Apple’s customers feel the same way. This is why it will never happen.

    Today we heard about the bankrupcy of one of the old greats, SGI. What was one of their major mistakes? Dropping their IRIX operating system in favour of Windows.

  6. “Today we heard about the bankrupcy of one of the old greats, SGI. What was one of their major mistakes? Dropping their IRIX operating system in favour of Windows.”

    SGI made a number of fatal mistakes, but I have to agree this was one of them. I remember in the heydays of the 80s and early 90s, IRIX was pretty highly regarded as an industrial strength OS. Too bad they decided to go cheap, err, “more productive” by going with NT.

    When push came to shove, SGI decided to put all its cards on a “don’t differentiate, let’s assimilate” strategy. Suddenly, they weren’t innovating anymore, instead becoming dependent on Microsoft for advances to the platform. We can see how well this strategy is working for Napster and Creative. To get into bed with Microsoft means Chapter 11, eventually.

    Just goes to show how much guts and foresight Steve Jobs had when he came back to Apple in 1997 and proceeded to go all in on the innovation strategy. Your costs might go up in the short-term, but Apple is definitely reaping the dividends today.

  7. Oh Boo Hoo Hoo Dark Day.

    And as for you Pog. Why whould you stop bying Apple products if they ever drop the Mac OS? Apple makes kick A** machines. Apple will never drop thier OS. They have always and will always be a computer company who beautifly and elegantly marry hardware with software. iPod+iTunes, the Mac+OSX+iLife+iWork+i_____.

  8. Dhard:

    Print this discussion. You will want it to remind you not to be suckered by Jobs’ whiz bang marketing when all you can buy from him is an iPod.

    The days of the Mac OS are numbered. When depends only on how fast, far and wide Apple can get their Intel machines distributed.

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