UBS: Worst of Intel transistion is behind Apple; checks show strong demand for Intel-based Macs

“Demand for Apple’s MacBook Pro and Intel-based Mac minis is still solid, according to UBS Investment Research. The firm believes the new 17-inch MacBook Pro and upcoming Intel-based MacBooks — which could be announced tomorrow — should lend support to its estimates for five percent year over year unit growth for Macs in the June quarter,” MacNN reports. “UBS estimates that consumer sales account for well over half of Apple’s revenue, and while demand for MacBook Pros is still strong the company may continue to be impacted by the Intel transition on a short-term basis. ‘We continue to be pleasantly surprised by our checks which indicate that there has been solid reception of the new Intel-based Mac minis. The new Mac minis appear to be off to a stronger than expected start as our checks continue to indicate units are being purchased both as media centers and low-cost entry-level Mac options.'”

“The firm notes that demand for Mac minis is not limited to Apple stores, pointing to a CompUSA it visited which indicated that the Intel-based minis continue to see relatively solid demand there as well,” MacNN reports. “Sales of new Intel iMacs remain relatively solid with consumers, according to UBS, but sales continue to be slower with professionals and “prosumers,” who are still waiting for the release of more high-end software applications. ‘We believe momentum in Mac sales should continue in 3Q06 and continue to believe 2Q06 was the trough quarter for Mac sales.'”

Full article here.

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  1. UBS Investment Research … estimates for five percent year over year unit growth for Macs in the June quarter.

    What? I can’t imagine it being that low! Surely UBS has been misquoted — or is just stupid.

  2. “Sales of new Intel iMacs remain relatively solid with consumers, according to UBS, but sales continue to be slower with professionals and “prosumers,””

    Hey – all you people here have been boasting about unbelivably strong sales of macs – double, triple quadruple usual sales.

    Do I smell a bit of Mac FUD by you all???

  3. the overall pc growth rate is much higher than 5%

    The only reason Apple fell behind the overall PC sales growth rate is the “Intel pause”. Once that’s over, Apple will again be outpacing the industry average growth.

    And no matter what, Apple will still be making tons of profit, which is really all that matters.

  4. Just wait til intel rolls out the new chips for the powermac replacements, and the pro products start being universal binary.

    The mactels being bought are more or less being bought by consumers and switchers.

    The amazing thing is that mac sales haven’t plummeted during their switch to the intel roadmap. Could you see any other computer manufacturer being able to pull off such a transition? I can’t.

  5. Jooop: I agree that profits are essential, but greater market share would also be a very advantageous thing for all us users — hence I can’t agree that profits are “all that matters.” ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

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