Apple: 17-inch MacBook Pro now shipping (due to arrive in users’ hands starting May 10th)

Multiple MacDailyNews readers, along with ourselves, have been notified that our Apple 17-inch MacBook Pro orders are now being shipped.

According to our MacDailyNews order and several MDN readers’ orders, the 17-inch MacBook Pro units left Shanghai, China at 8:16 PM on May 6th. For those who opted for expedited shipping, tracking indicates May 10th as the date of delivery in U.S. buyers’ hands.

This shaves two days off Apple’s original estimated shipping date of the 12th, which was indicated at the time of our order made back in late April and which Apple changed just this morning via email.

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  1. maczealot,

    What are you talking about? Read the article. MDN obviously have a 17″ MBP order themselves and are tracking it and reporting it from first hand knowledge (along with several other MDN readers).

  2. The Apple MacBook Pro made by the fine craftsmen of People’s Republic of China Prison Industries, Inc. If you are laid off here, citizens, unlike Microsoft, it is permanent termination.

    Thanks Apple, I feel so much better knowing that my purchases fund a repressive government. I hope that all Apple products come with labels indicating the country of origin so that potential customers will be aware of Apple’s business connections.

  3. meatofmoose (and anybody else),

    Any large company that does business all over the world will be global in its scope of operations. Expecting everything to be made domestically with a product like a computer is being naive.

  4. Mr. Oblivious:

    No conspicuous links to the original source were evident to me, just a bunch of adverts. An article without a reference is practically valueless. Either MDN neglected to post the link either to forgetfulness or intent, or is just guessing.

    Do you always accept what is fed to you without confirmation?

  5. maczealot, read it again:
    “According to our MacDailyNews order and several MDN readers’ orders, the 17-inch MacBook Pro units left Shanghai, China at 8:16 PM on May 6th.”

    Here´s the key to it:
    “According to our MacDailyNews order…”

  6. nsapap:

    A lame excuse for making money at the expense of social freedom, Simon Legree. What are the words that describe a person who benefits from the political and economic enslavement of others for material gain, but wants to exercise all civil liberties himself without inhibition? Oh, yeah, blatant hypocrite, selfish scum, callous bastard.

    I’m sure that Apple scoured the entire planet for a location to manufacturer their laptops, and the only place that met Apple’s rigorous standards of social egalitarianism, environmental friendliness, and political inclusion was…..Communist China.

    Congratulations, Comrade Industrialist Jobs, your future and continual success is secure with us. Have you seen our new model worker number 194223? Requires only 1,100 kcal per day and works 12 hours a day, no holidays, no vacation time.

    Forget it, Apple. I don’t need a MacBook Pro.

  7. Apple could have chosen other nations as sites for business partners such as India, Korea, Poland, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Costa Rica, Uruguay, and South Africa. Each of these countries have far better social freedoms than the People’s Republic of China and deserve the benefits of economic growth more than the People’s Republic of China.

  8. And where do you think all those cute Disney (in which Steve Jobs is #1 single shareholder) plush dolls are made sold in all Disney stores and parks around the world? Commie China.
    Wonder if Steve has ever been to commie China?
    We Chinese exploit the worker to use the money to buy all your oil and make weapons so we can one day invade Taiwan!

    I wish companies would move production out of China to other countries.

    And there needs to be a revolution by the people in China to overthrow the Communist dictatorship. How can we help start it?

  9. Chinese have steadily become more free over the last 20-30 years, at least in economic terms. There is a serious argument that an increasing middle class is the key to the eventual democratization of China. Trade with China, such purchasing computers from them, is absolutely key to developing this middle class. On the other hand, there should be limits–Google and Yahoo assisting Communist China in enforcing censorship and punishing dissidents is over the line, way over.

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