Rumors point to Intel-based 13-inch widescreen Apple ‘MacBooks’ (iBook replacement) coming soon

“Rumors that Apple Computer may finally be on the verge of introducing its first consumer Intel notebooks are true, AppleInsider has learned. Development of the 13-inch widescreen portables wrapped up last month. Ever since, the Cupertino, Calif.-based company has been waiting for the signal from its marketing division to begin manufacturing ramp and rollout procedures,” AppleInsider reports. “According to well-placed sources, Apple began building the new notebooks — expected to be called MacBooks — sometime last week. It’s believed that Asustek is handling production. Each MacBook is expected to sport Core Duo processors from Intel Corp and pack novelties such as a completely magnetic latching system, built in iSight video camera, and MagSafe power adapter. Additionally, each MacBook is expected to come bundled with Apple’s Front Row and PhotoBooth software applications.”

Full article here.

“Following up our report earlier this week concerning the MacBook’s May availability, sources have nailed down next Tuesday, May 9, as the introduction day for the Intel-based laptop,” Think Secret reports. “On a side note, a coding glitch with Apple’s Web site has all but confirmed the MacBook moniker for the new consumer laptop. The error began cropping up late Thursday evening and was still present intermittently Friday morning and resulted in Apple’s iPod homepage being replaced by an empty page sporting a navigation hierarchy reading ‘Home > Hardware > MacBook.'”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Sounds more and more like there will be eventually be a couple of 13-inch “MacBook” models at the entry level, a couple of 15-inch MacBook Pro models, and one or two 17-inch MacBook Pro models when all is said and done. Now, will those “MacBooks” come in colors?

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  1. I think the color phase is done…but they’ll have to have some way to distinguish them from the Pro line (other than what’s inside). Will be interesting to see the overall specs…

    MW=size; does size really matter?

  2. I hope there isn’t mass hysteria and people calling for Steve Job’s head if the new intel iBook’s name isn’t changes to MacBook like it’s RUMORED to be changed. Lets pray to God that it’s 100% scratch proof and stays cool enough to chill your favorite beverage.

  3. andy – They’re novelties.

    justme2 – they’ll remain white, like the rest of the consumer line. They’ll just change the printing under the screen.

    They should have led with these, not the Pro portables. These suckers better outperform the minis and be damn close to the iMacs.

  4. Here come the Schoolkids, aching for their princial to hand them a MacBook! There goes the stock–UP UP UP. Then, of course, down, down again as profit takers take, and analysts knock the company relentlessly.

    Where do all these “Mac Virus” and “Apple isn’t as great as people think” stories come from anyway? Is there a conspiracy out there or are the pundits all idiots, or paid off?

  5. I heard they are incorporating a new technology in the screen.

    They place light sensing pixels between the normal pixels so that it can recort light or Pictures.

    Reportedly this will be used as a scanner. So you can place a sheet of paper on your laptop and scan it right in.

    Also this will allow for scanning your ass and any other funny faces you will make.

    MDNMW: Light – as in making light of . .

  6. I suppose a 13 inch MacBook’s worthiness will largely come down to its screen resolution. If they’re going to ask iBook users to carry an extra inch and not gain any screen real estate as a result, then there’s really no point to it. But if it gives us a higher pixel count, then the new MacBook should be a winner. Anyone want to buy a 12 inch G4 iBook? ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

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