Apple’s Korean online store defaced

“Apple Computer’s Korean online store has been defaced by an intruder. The attack, apparently carried out by someone working under the name ‘Dinam,’ who claimed in his online posting to be Turkish, was brought to the attention of last Thursday,” Dan Ilett reports for CNET News. “The defacement was removed from Apple’s Web site shortly after alerted the company, which has subsequently declined to comment on the matter. Jason Hart, CEO of security company Whitehat UK, told ‘The defacer has managed to get administrator access to the Web server.'”

“The defacement–which took the form of a dozen lines of code posted to the home page–was documented on The hacker forum said Dinam had attacked a Mac OS X server running Apache,” Ilett reports.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: Today, another attacker documented by Zone-H, “D.O.M.,” put up the old 6-color Apple logo and the slogan “Think Different” at the domain See the defacement here.

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  1. Apache is part of Mac OS X.

    It comes installed on every Mac, is updated via Software Update, is included in retail copies of both the Client & Server versions of the OS. No, Apple does not author it, but it is part of the OS.

    Get over it.

  2. How would using a microsoft server put you in line with 90% of the server market? If you are going to claim such things you really should do your research before you come across as a total fool. As of April 2006, Apache has around 63%of the server market while Microsoft has a tiny 25%. So, please enlighten us where this mystical 90% came from? Perhaps it’s one of those made up numbers that people like to use when they have no real facts to backup their claims. Try using this site,, as a reference before you walk around with egg all over your face next time. We have no problem entering into a debate with you but we are big fans of facts on the mac side of things. Just so you know, we aren’t the ones that look foolish here.

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