Apple silently recalls small number of MacBook Pro batteries

“AppleCare has said there is a known issue with some early MacBook Pro batteries, and is cross-shipping fresh replacements to customers experiencing those specific issues. The problem appears to affect MacBook Pro models with serial numbers up to W8608, meaning that only the first two weeks of MacBook Pros produced are potentially affected, according to one report,” MacNN reports.

More info here.

MacDailyNews Note: Apple announced on February 14, 2006 that the 15-inch MacBook Pro would begin shipping that week.

“Symptoms of a MacBook Pro battery problem include: power level going from a full charge to 90 percent, then immediately off. The battery usually either goes straight to one blinking LED or won’t respond at all. Some may experience a significant loss of battery capacity as well,” Jason D. O’Grady reports via his ZDNet blog. O’grady explains “how to decode your Mac’s serial number: The first two digits are the FactoryID, the third is the year of manufacture and the fourth and fifth digits are the week of manufacture. A serial number starting with W8607 means that the unit was manufactured in facility W8 (Shanghai China) on the 7th week of 2006.”

More in the full blog post here.

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  1. Just when things were going great and now, the flagship Mac Intel machine is broken. Damn. Apple shouldn’t have been in such a hurry. Where the hell is the new MacBook and the new Intel Power Mac. What’s taking so long. Where is Leopard? Where’s easy Windows access? What’s going on?

  2. When Apple recalled my PowerBook G4 15″ battery last year, I let them send me a new one which I only used on the airplane when I flew to South America (and back.) The old one works great. I never sent it back and never heard from Apple again.

    If I had one of these early MPB machines (mine was purchased more recently) I’d keep the original battery if only to leave in the machine while connected via AC. I’d use the good one sparingly so as to extend it’s life.

  3. Nothing like having bargain basement rate labor assemble your products. Apple’s suppliers and assemblers have rushed headlong into China, Communist China. If you know that and have seen tho post on hot MacBook Pros you can figure out the rest.

  4. If Dell put out junk like this they wouldn’t be in business long.

    -Burning magsafe comnectors.
    -Bad batteries.
    -Incorrectly applied thermal grease.

    Yep, Apple sure knows how to put out a quality product.

    Oh I forgot. The problem is due to bad suppliers, not Apple’s fault for choosing bad suppliers…

  5. Those who live on the cutting edge always have the scars to prove it. I would rather wait 9 months post initial release for the less buggy products. Since one only buys obsolescence let it at least be free of significant flaws.

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